Tagaytay Highlands

Date: April 22, 2012

To celebrate my tita Suzette and Tita Yna’s 50th birthday, we incorporated our summer day trip outing with it and went to Tagaytay Highlands.

We had lunch at Josephine’s. It is my first time trying out their delicious food. But most of the food that was in their buffet are those that I don’t eat. Plus I don’t want to eat a lot because i am preparing for my beach trip. But since I have a current addiction with manggang hilaw and bagoong, that’s what I enjoyed eating, plus the desserts – make your own halo halo for the win na sana, but the glass they have is really small that you couldn’t really put a lot.

Props for the view they had for the Taal Volcano. It’s nearer than in any other spots in Tagaytay.

Breakfast Buffet Weekends: 410/person; 310/child below 4ft
Lunch Buffet Weekends: 495/person; 395/child below 4ft
With 100php discount for no left over

Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive resort for it’s members. Counting this as my 4th trip here, the place is still pretty much the same as how it looked and felt like before.

We rode the cable car in the Country Club going to the Midlands.

I don’t know but I didn’t enjoy the view anymore, or maybe it was really just too hot inside our cable car and we’re just sweating all over. We wanted to take the Funicular System to see yet another view where Taal Volcano can be seen but the next ride is at 4PM and we had to go back to the Country Club at that time to have snacks.

After snacks, I took off with my 2 youngest cousins – 6 year old Elijah and 4 year old Jamie to the Animal Farm (100php/person fee), which doesn’t look too nice now compared to when I last went there in 2006.

My teen cousins went horse back riding (around 300php for 30 minutes i think) while most of the adults where left chilling near the pool at the Country Club.

After the Animal Farm was done, we went to the Children’s Playground. I wanted to go swimming (160php/head) because of the heat but I got no one to swim with.

When it was starting to get dark, we already left the very hot Tagaytay Highlands.

Mom and I bought kesong puti (39php) , pastillas (119 for jumbo) and a bottle of full fat carabao milk (200ml @ 34php, 1L @ 125php) at Mr. Moo. Flavored milk, cow’s and goat’s milk has different prices I think. Mr. Moo is located in both sides of the Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road. One near the Tagaytay Market and another one to your right when you’re Manila bound, before Ming’s Garden i think.

For dinner we had a stop over at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. It has lots of restaurants and outlets. I had too much of Filipino food for the week so I opted to get a cheese quesadillas at Army Navy.

I was so tired for the day that I just slept all the way home.


    • Hi Aivhee! When I went there last summer, the food that was served were mostly Pinoy dishes – mangga with bagoong, kare kare, kaldereta, bangus. For dessert, they have halo halo, leche flan, those stuff.. i couldn’t remember everything, I’m sorry! hehe, it was a year ago na kasi.


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