A Very Hot Tagaytay

Date: April 16, 2012

Thought I would experience “cold air” but I got disappointed with the scorching heat that welcomed us in Tagaytay.

It’s my first time at People’s Park in the Sky. I didn’t really enjoy it. We had to pay 30php/pax plus 20php/pax RT fare for the jeepney going up for nothing. Kung mas mura lang ito, it would be more worth it.

It has the view of Tagaytay Highlands and the Taal Volcano, but smaller than the view in Picnic Grove.

We bought pineapples and bananas after.

We then went to Picnic Grove. Not much to do that would interest my companions. Siguro if we have kids or teens, since there’s horseback riding, zipline etc there. But the view of Taal Volcano is better there. We didn’t stay long there because there was nothing interesting to do. As we were going out, the guard asked us to pay 285php. The thing is, we didn’t even stay there for more than 15 minutes. We just walked a bit and went back to the car. Pag ganun, dapat flexible sila, wala naman kaming nagamit na facility eh. Itong si security guard asked for 250php na lang daw, so we wouldn’t go to the payment area which is inside. Wow. TSK.

We ate lunch at Leslie’s – and ooohhh my diet 😦

That’s how our short day trip to Tagaytay with my relatives went by. I didn’t really enjoy because of the heat that I got so tired and fell asleep the moment we drove back to Manila.

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