Twenty-Three, Flirty & Thriving!

For the past few years, I’ve celebrated my birthday in a not so beautiful light. I got hurt, I was drunk and I ended in a not so good shape, especially last year.

Since my birthday last year, I only wished for everything to fall into its proper places.

I did it the hard way. But it was all worth it. I just had to start my year right, right?

I started to celebrate my birthday the weekend before my birthday by giving even just a bit of a helping hand to my friend Kim’s baby niece, Breanna, 1-yr-old who was born with multiple disorders and badly needs an open heart surgery. Pinoy Dream Academy 2 Dreamer Cris Pastor, together with her family & her most loyal fans, the CrisCrossers organized a benefit concert, Music to Heal a Heart for baby Aya. It was a very heartwarming concert that also led us to tears, seeing baby Aya with the angels that surround her. I have to commend Cris Pastor and her guests for taking their time off for the night and sharing their talents to baby Aya’s angels to help baby Aya. Good Karma for them.

Margx. Baby Breanna. Kim. Pat. Gi. Inah.

Kim. Pat. Margx. Cris Pastor. Gi. Inah.

The weekend of my birthday was supposed to be an out of town trip with my Pretty Friends. BUT due to conflict in our schedules and the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, we decided to postponed it.

My gurl, Gael talked me to have a night out instead. So together with Julie and Angel and my Pinky Swear, Inah and her sister Monica (and friends) danced the night away at Circa, Eastwood City.

My Pinky Swear definitely surprised me! She said she wouldn’t be able to come with us anymore but she was there! With her words, “how deep is our friendship? as deep as the baha in malabon, montalban and all over metro manila” Awww so so so touched by the gesture, mare! Thanks to everyone I was with that night, it was so fun fun fun! You also surprised me with the birthday greeting with my name flashed in the LCD screens all over Circa. Aww.

Finally, my most awaited day, “D DAY” aka My Birthday, with three of my most precious bestfriendsforlife, my bestfriend/budi, Aimee, Deo & Seska. We watched the ultimate PF movie date: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (and bec. half blood prince lang eh, half of PF lang ang nanood hehe/i love ron & hermione!)

It was really perfect, my birthday this year!

I hope this time, everything will really fall into place na, and may all my wishes and dreams come true! Cheers to my 23, flirty & thriving!

PS. to everyone who did’nt forget to greet me, thank you very much! I really appreciate it.


  1. awwwwwwwwww natats ako. xmpre bsta kya ko db? m soo hapi din kc np2sya kita n my own litle way. na m part of ur “hapines”. nyyaaaa naiyk ako.. 😛 honstly, m doin d bst dt i can pra lan maiblk ko un ncra ko. :(( nyaaa.. u may not consdr me as ur “best” frnd, pro msya ko kc bngy mo prn skn un chnce na maus ko un stng dlwa (nyaaa bf/gf?). pro true. msya tlga ako. super. kc nksma ko na lit kau. n i cn say n mrmi din akon n22nan sa ngyri, sau. dun ko nrealze un value ng “frndship”, ngn slfsh tlga ako b4. n m sori. lm ko kc kun gno kita nsktn. n yet ur stil dr, gvn me d lav n cre dt a tru frnd cud ofer. waaahhh…m rili sori gurl. :(( bsta nand2 lan ko for u, lways. “m keepin u n r frnshp, forever!”. lablab gurl! gurl, just pray n vrythn wil fall into its place. lm ko nmn ur blesed wit eveythn. bilngn mo nln lht ng nsau db? bsta b postv. n lways blv na mdming mg2ndang bgay n mngy2ri, na drting. n nanjn nmn kmi, kht wla kng bf (hahaha), np2sya k nmn, ng fmily mu. db? ndi k nmn iwan. okie? lablab gurl. muah


  2. hi anonymous! ampf! bakit anonymous ang name mo hahahaha!!! jowaaaaaaaaaa! hahahaha! magseselos si seska niyan.. drama,, you're one of my bestfriends naman.. yun lang si aimee yung pinaka best, kambal ko eh =)) LOL. dramaaaaaaaaa. iyakan nanaman ba itooooooo. hahaha! lablab too gurl!!!


  3. mare.. thanks for spending your borthday month helping dear aya.. 🙂 sobrang thankful ako for friends like you.. the event for aya was extra2x special kasi nandun din kayo nakasama ko both my CCs family and kjr/vds family.. thank you mare.. God bless! *mwahugtyt*


  4. im sooo stupid kasi i wanted to post a comment few days ago eh i didnt know how to..hahaanyway, i know your birthday is spent with your closest friends and i didnt want to miss much as the baha,the rain,the wind,and the crazy sched i have..i wanted to be part of the night where i said i would go. and it broke my heart when i asked you if it was ok if i wouldnt there i was.i love you pinkyswear..thank you for the genuine friendship..hoes over bros mare!!!hahamwahugs


  5. hahaha! buti na lang tinuruan kita lol! yup yup!!! buti na lang you were there parin, it wouldnt be that perfect kung pati ikaw kulang, dami na nga kulang eh. hahah! loves !


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