Hong Kong’s Art Lane – An Instagrammable Spot

Literally, the world became their canvas as seventeen well-known local and international muralists transformed Sai Ying Pun to a “mural village” around the areas of Chung Ching Street, Ki Ling Lane and Shek Chan Lane. Twenty-six large-scale murals was brought to life in different spaces such as walls, streets and stairs that were transformed into canvasses.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 1
This initiative was inspired by street arts from New York, London and Seoul to give the neighborhood its unique personality with its vibrant murals, especially that Sai Ying Pun has started to become one of the hotspots as cozy cafes, cute shops and trendy bars has started to mushroom around the area. With that said, ARTLANE is Hong Kong’s first URBAN ART SOHO community that is revitalized with murals by Henderson Land.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 19
These are the muralists that participated: Hong Kong’s Neil Wang, Pantone C, Blessy Man and Henry Lau, Zue Chan, Noble Wong, Rao Amandeep, &Dear, Hadrian Lam, Sharmaine Kwan and Andpop Studio; United State’s Emily Eldridge; Finland’s Riitta Kuisma, and France’s Elsa Jean de Dieu and Ceet Fouad.

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 17
The girl and the chicanos by Ceet Fouad | Two Hollywood superstars representing Chinese and Western cultures are featured to interpret Hong Kong unique characteristics where East meets West. The artist signature colourful “chicken” pattern is incorporated in the art piece to inject the trendiness and cuteness to the community. The chickens are the metaphor of the citizens who are easily assimilated in the society. Ceet hopes to encourage the public to find themselves and become a different person through his works.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 4
Bruce Lee by Ceet Fouad
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 2
Animal Town by Blessy Man & Henry Lau | The wall of the commercial building turns into a funny animal town, inspired by the ambiance in Soho, London. The mural is painted in Blessy and Henry’s signature lowpoly painting style with vibrant colours. The animals play music happily on a colourful grassland in a park, mirroring the daytime activities of Soho, where the passers-by can experience the euphoria of life.

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 3

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 21

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 10
Little girl watering plants by Zue Chan | The mural depicts a little girl watering plants in a beautiful garden. The lower level is a colourful garden, and the upper level is a small balcony where two kittens are resting on the flower trough, giving artistic stimulation to the passers-by.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 9
Joy of Music and Art by Noble Wong | In an elegant and bright-coloured background, the mural showcases the joy of music and art where people play music instruments and dance happily.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 22
Transformation by Riitta Kuisma, Finland | Depicts the urban transformation process by incorporating splash paint and train (not in photo) as artistic elements; vivid butterflies (not in photo) and a young dancing girl with flute as musical elements and infiltrating vitality, happiness and positive elements through vibrant colours.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 11
Music Town by Zue Chan | Inspired by Vienna, the city of music in Austria, the mural shows the lanes characteristics in Vienna on one side and the beautiful scenery featuring Beethoven on the other side. Pedestrians can enjoy the fascinating view while walking, as if being in Vienna.

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 12Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 13Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 14

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 5
Classical Hollywood Icons by Elsa Jean de Dieu | The mural depicts classic Hollywood icons, Marilyn Monroe and Shirley Temple. A great contrast of the black and white portraits and the fascinating background with colourful clothes and flowers demonstrate the joy and passion of art and music in Soho district.

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 7

Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 15
Party in the SOHO by Noble Wong | Unlike Noble’s previous mural piece that he used pastel colour to address the cheerful feeling, a stark contrast is shown in this mural. The dark background with bright and eye-catching foreground portraits greatly enhances the dramatic effect of the painting, creating a dynamic atmosphere and exciting emotion where we can find in a “party”.
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 16
Rainbow Staircase by Blessy Man & Henry Lau | A ‘Rainbow Staircase’ is presented in a low poly style with pastel colours.

For a fun and FREE weekend activity, grab your best OOTD and camera and do your best model look with a photoshoot at the neighborhood’s best street art!
Artlane Sai Yi Pun Hong Kong 6
📍 One • ArtLane | 8 Chung Ching Street 奇靈里石棧里
District: Sai Ying Pun & Sheung Wan
Sai Ying Pun MTR Exit B3



  1. This is awesome and more reason to explore the streets of Hong Kong! It looks like those in CBD Melbourne. Hong Kong is also known for promoting arts and culture, and I wish to visit these alleys as well.


  2. they created murals… so colorful and refreshing to look at it! kudos to these artists for making this street/alley very pretty and pleasing to the senses.


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