Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival 2022 in Hong Kong

One of China’s biggest holidays, the Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most celebrated in Hong Kong, all over China and even in other Asian Countries like Singapore and Malaysia. It is a celebration of thanksgiving for bountiful rice harvest and fruits and as well as to encourage the harvest-giving light for bountiful returns in the coming year. It is derived from the custom of worshipping the moon in autumn to thank it for their bounty harvest.
Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 1
It is also called the Mooncake Festival, as the moon cake is the hallmark food during the Mid-Autumn Festival. A moon cake is a round pastry baked and filled with sweet and savory feelings like salted duck eggs, lotus seed paste, fruits or meat. It is round as it represents the moon and is usually given as gifts to family and friends to express best wishes. It is said that it is usually eaten while admiring the moon on the night of the festival when it is the brightest and the roundest.
Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 2
It usually falls “in the middle of autumn” which happens on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar year, which is usually in September or early October. This year, it happens on September 10, 2022 (September 10 to 12 becomes public holiday).
Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 4
Mid-Autumn Festival includes families gathering together and praying for a bountiful harvest, good health and happiness. It has been a reason to gather family for a reunion and good food, worshipping the moon, making and lighting paper lanterns, visiting exhibitions, watching parades, playing good music and eating mooncakes. Lanterns traditionally symbolizes luck, light, and familial togetherness. It is kind of synonymous to the America’s Thanksgiving Day.Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 7
Since we are currently in Hong Kong, how did we celebrate it? Around the time we went to the Immigration Tower to extend our VISA, we passed by Lee Tung Avenue and found a sea of red lanterns. We couldn’t resist taking a picture with it.Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 5
Shared the moon cakes that Disney fans gave my sister and watched a movie, Over the Moon in Netflix, a film closely connected to the legendary Chinese moon goddess, Chang’e as a little girl named Fei Fei wants to prove its existence.Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 6 At night, we went to the park and joined the community as they celebrate the festival with their families – picnic, lanterns and good music. We got our own lanterns too. Of course, we didn’t forget to appreciate the moon that night – indeed, brightest and roundest as it can be.
Mid Autumn Festival2022 Hong Kong 3
Nothing but gratitude for everything that I have, I had and will have. I am also eternally grateful for the chance to be here in this season. Wishing each one of you a long life to share with the people you love under the graceful moonlight, though hundreds of miles apart. May the round moon bring your family happiness, success, and a bright future! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



  1. I love this festival full of colors and festivities. This is what I missed when I moved to Australia. I remember shopping for mooncakes and pairing them with well-brewed coffee (even though they said that mooncakes are fattening).


  2. Ang sarap naman, naka travel na! We want sana but may priority pa na kelangan gastusan. Those lanterns you posed at, meron ganyan sa Binondo, a homeschooling mom posted a photo — kamukhang kamukha. So I’m curious, Are they put up because of the festival lang or are they like that all the time?


  3. The festival is so colorful and I love it. I like moon cakes too. I used to buy some whenever I visit China Town here in Korea. How many days did you stay there and how much is the travel expenses?


  4. looks like you stayed long that you had to extend your visa? nice to see people gathering around for a festival and you are there as part of it. will be in Coco’s memory bank.


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