Hong Kong Designated Quarantine Hotel: Best Western Plus Hotel

One of the important requirements this life in the time of Covid-19 for an inbound traveler going to Hong Kong is a confirmed hotel booking in a Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH). You can find all the DQH that are accredited by the Hong Kong Government/Department of Health here.
Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 1
We booked our 3-night quarantine at Best Western Plus Hotel which is in the Central & Western District. We are on a budget that is why we booked the cheapest among the line up available. Among all that is available, Best Western Plus’ Non-suite room for 3-pax is the most affordable for us. Ours is a Family Plus Room for Triple Occupancy for HK$970 per night with tax inclusive of 3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner) per day which will be delivered to outside room door at specified time frames.
Hong Kong Travel 22 - 3
We arrived our hotel via the free shuttle from the airport at almost 11PM. We registered. They gave us our RAT kits, thermometers and a couple of sheets of paper that you MUST read as soon as you are rested.
Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 8
Then they led us to the elevator going up our hotel room. Our room was already prepared and very cold. Contrary to the comments we’ve read about the hotel, it wasn’t what we were expected, so it definitely it was beyond our expectations. Our room looks so similar with our favorite hotel in Manila. We were contented at that as we were able to sleep, bathe, and eat well with out any issues. In short, it was really a comfortable stay. Doesn’t even feel like we were in quarantine, maybe because we are used to being stuck at home, but this one’s better.
Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 2
This is what our Family Plus Room for Triple Occupancy looked like. It have one queen sized bed and one single sized bed, with clean sheets and pillows and the mattress were comfortable enough.
Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 5
It has a huge cabinet where we were able to keep our things. We even used the drawers and the furniture didn’t even have a smell or old vibe. The shelf that you will see upon entering was where we placed anything related to food.

The bathroom comes with an enclosed shower, with hot and cold. Generous on the tissue paper and toiletries. An air purifier was also provided for us.
Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 4
Let’s talk about the food. Food is, of course, the most essential in one’s life. Food was brought to our door 3 times a day. Most of the feedback we receive are rants about the food that they give. We expected the worst. But upon receiving our first meal during our first night at the hotel, it was again, beyond our expectation. It is not just tolerable and not really exceptional, but one that could still fulfill our needs for the day. We even requested to have one of our 3 meals to vegetarian option.

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Food delivery is also possible. My sister, though, was able to bring food and other essentials prior to us arriving. When we arrived our room, it was already there waiting for our arrival. She had to bring snacks and other easy to cook frozen goods like pan cake and chicken nuggets for my son. While my mom and I are able to eat the food that will be delivered, it will be hard for my picky eater boy. Grocery delivery is also available. You can try Park&Shop and PandaMart.Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 23
WIFI is available. Rants from those who stayed prior to us was that it is very slow. Speed is okay with me and I even had a zoom meeting with my workmates. It wasn’t lagging at all. Other things you might want to know: 1) TV is not a smart TV. 2) Each room comes with a small mini type bar fridge. 3) An electronic kettle is available. 4) a couple of electrical outlets are available,  but better bring an extension cord if you think you will need more and take note that sockets are type G, so you may also need an adapter.
Best Western Plus Hong Kong DQH 24Best way to book is through sending them an e-mail or calling them up. Tip: If you are looking into a flight that is happening anytime soon, it is best to canvas flights and DQH availability at the same time before finalizing everything.

Location: Best Western Plus Hotel is just a 5 minute walk to the nearest MTR Stations: HKU (Exit B1) and Sai Ying Pun (Exit B3). PS. Near the Sai Ying Pun station is the Art Lane, which you can visit when you check out.

308 Des Voeux Road West, Western District, Hong Kong
T  +852 3410 3333 │ F  +852 2548 5014
E  res@bestwesternplushotel.com



  1. Parang ang sarap naman dyan! Haha! Legit mini-vacation na din yan kasi dito sa pinas dami nag hhotel getawat pag weekends diba? mukhang sulit ang bakasyon! Ka-miss nadin ang HK ah!


  2. It’s really helpful that they provide the RAT kits, nakakampante lalo ng for the kids. I can’t wait to travel and visit Hong Kong.


    • Yes helpful na din kasi mababawas sa budget. Compare dito satin we have to pay 2k plus for the pcr. Im not sure though if they will still provide them for free once they open up to a more lenient quarantine rule.


  3. Most of the Best Westin properties are really nice and I haven’t experienced negative fuss from them. I wonder if Hong Kong still requires foreign travelers to quarantine.


    • We are foreign tourists. Yep we were required to quarantine for 3 nights. But as of press time. No need na sya. They changed the scheme for returning residents and tourists to medical surveillance na lang. It is like our 4 day medical surveillance after the 3 day Quarantine.


  4. Very informative content lalo nasa mga naghahanap ng info. about hong kong designated hotel. Love their service na provide sa inyo during your quarantine at affordable pa.


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