The Millennial Concept Factory, Inc., the company who owns and manage Lakbay Museo, is announcing that the attraction will be officially closing its doors to the public by end of July 2022. The management decided to close the attraction for good. Launched on July 12, 2019, the first-ever Philippine interactive millennial museum, Lakbay Museo1Lakbay Museo, was introduced to the public as a one-stop destination for its visitors to appreciate more about the beautiful destination, culture, and traditions of the Philippines in just 1,000 steps.

Lakbay Museo provides an unforgettable experience for every Byahero to enjoy by exploring the museum’s art installations depicting the country’s famous tourism spots and the story of each major island through each regional food displays and festivals. Lakbay Museo2
Lakbay Museo also advocates giving opportunities to out-of-school youths, senior citizens, and PWDs to help them bring out their talents and skills, and to boost their self-esteem, which in the long run both benefit Lakbay Museo and the people in giving an exceptional service for the Byaheros. Served more than 30,000 students and additional thousands of online and walk-in guests every month, Lakbay Museo was able to spread awareness for love of country. In just a span of eight months prior to pandemic, this millennial-interactive museum was able to touch more than 450,000 hearts to be more patriotic and be proud of what the Philippines can offer to the world. Lakbay Museo4
In March 2020, when pandemic came and Lakbay Museo had to be temporarily closed but giving joy to its followers did not stop there. Its presence never misses online by providing interactive activities for Lakbay Museo followers to love. A year passed and the economy once opened allowing Lakbay Museo to exhibit a new face to its visitors, with a theme “Traveling with a Twist.” With another wave of Byaheros to immerse in the Philippines’ culture and traditions, the museum was able to present the Philippines with its newly renovated art installations and IG spots providing a new unforgettable experience for its Byaheros. Lakbay Museo3
On November 10, 2021, Lakbay Museo officially reopened its doors to the public with a variety of promos and packages to choose from. On the same month, the “Furbabies Are Free” campaign was also launched to welcome guests who also wanted to travel and bond together with their fur babies at Lakbay Museo. Months passed and Lakbay Museo continuously give exceptional learning to its visitors about what Filipinos should be proud of and provided them a share-worthy experience to tell their family and friends.


Lakbay Museo is inviting everyone to witness for the last time the beauty of culture, traditions, and wonders of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in just 1,000 steps. For only PHP 799, Byaheros will be able to experience a 2-hour interactive tour and catch the cultural show performance by the Lakbay Museo dancers.

Guests can book their tickets online at, or purchase tickets on-site when they do walk in.

Lakbay Museo is located at Ground Level, S Maison Mall, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

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  1. It is so sad to hear that Lakbay Museo is closing. I think the government should support museums like this because it is actually meaningful and helpful not just to locals but also to tourists visiting the country.


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