Indulge in Southeast Asian Kopi Tiam Delights at Nanyang

My mom’s the one who introduced Nanyang to me. She would rave about their Nonya Kaya Toast that she usually buy with Kopi O. It is one of her favorite Asian cheap thrills that brings delight to her day. But did you know that Nanyang literally means “Southern Ocean“, which refers to the warm and fertile region of South China, or “Southeast Asia“? Furthermore, Nanyang introduces us to kopi, teh, kaya toast and other Singaporean cuisine favorites.
Nanyang 9
Nanyang is the perfect fusion of contemporary and nostalgia, bringing a typical breakfast scenario in a Kopi Tiam setting with a modern twist. Kopi Tiam came from two combined Hokkien terms, which means “coffee shop”. It became popular through serving a variety of simple food offerings such as coffee, tea, kaya, toast, and many more.
Nanyang 17
For the love of Singaporean food in a coffee shop setting, there is no other place that you have to go to but to Nanyang. Let’s talk about their best sellers one by one. First on the list is of course, the Nonya Kaya Toast. Commonly a breakfast meal in Singapore, it consists of two slices of toast with butter and kaya (coconut jam), which should be dipped in soft-boiled eggs plus a cup of kopi to complete it. Don’t forget to add soy sauce on your eggs. Nanyang 1
Laksa (Prawn or Fish ball) is one of Nanyang’s best sellers. I must say, one of the tastiest Laksa I’ve tasted as well. Made of thick wheat noodles, curry paste and coconut cream, satisfy your craving with either prawns or fish balls.
Nanyang 5
Homemade Nasi Lemak is served with Coconut milk rice, chicken chops, boiled egg, fried anchovies, peanuts, sambal sauce and cucumber slices, an authentically Singaporean meal set.
Nanyang 3
If you are a fan of noodles, you are in for a treat with Nanyang’s Cheesy Chicken Chop Noodles, packed in its chicken’s crispiness is the cheese drizzle on top and its noodles’ special homemade sauce which makes it all an interesting combination.
Nanyang 2
Warm yourself with a bowl of Fish Ball Noodle Soup on a rainy day or not. Its flavorful soup would fill you up with comfort.
Nanyang 4
They also have thick toasts in Nanyang. The Hainanese Kaya with Honey Toast is definitely a must try!
Nanyang 6
We can’t enjoy a “kopi tiam” without having kopi, right? In Nanyang, we get to experience true Singaporean Kopi. They usually put evaporated milk or condensed milk or both or none on their kopi or teh. Know the Singapore Coffee Lingo to be able to order your preferred kopi. Here’s the guide mounted in their wall.
Nanyang 10
Nanyang Kopi is brewed following a unique Straits Asian traditional recipe and you can even watch how they prepare your Kopi or Teh. Here’s what you call “Teh Tarik” or “pulled Tea“, which is the pouring process during Tea preparation.
Nanyang 11
Aside from hot kopi and teh, we get to enjoy cold drinks too. Here are some of the crowd favorites: Kopi Jelly Milk Tea, Iced Honey Lemon, Iced Kopi Melaka, Iced Lemon Tea
Nanyang 7
The Kopi Jelly Milk Tea is a WIN for me! For one, the milk tea is so flavorful because it is authentic milk tea, so it is not too sweet. The cream on top is like a cloud fluff, super soft when it touched my mouth.
Nanyang 8
Nanyang Bonifacio High Street, on the outside may seem like a typical coffee shop for outdoor setting. Not to be confused, this branch is shared with Breadtalk. So, if you seem lost, you know where to find it.
Nanyang 12
But in the inside, it is a classy coffee shop that may actually intimidate you. From the interiors to its cashier and its dine in seats, you get to enjoy the bright and comfortable feeling that should give you if you want to have a relaxing coffee day in or out.
Nanyang 13
So that Nanyang will not intimidate you anymore, here is their menu so you can check how you can enjoy authentic Singaporean delights in the most affordable way. If you look at it, Nanyang’s beverages are way more affordable than any other coffee and milk tea shop.
Nanyang 16
Indulge yourself to Southeast Asian Kopi Tiam delights, only here at Nanyang, whether you are alone or with your friends and families. No need to teleport yourselves to the Lion City!

Nanyang 18
Nanyang is now definitely my go-to-place when I’m craving for some Kaya Toast and Kopi and of course, other Singaporean treats! What can I say… Must-try, lah!

📍 Nanyang Bonifacio High Street (Look for Breaktalk)
B7, Bonifacio High Street, Lane P, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
(02) 8 898-3338 / 0949 993 5068
Follow their socials at Facebook | Instagram and visit their website at

Other Branches:
1. SM Aura Premier (Lower Ground Level)
2. Greenbelt 5 (Level 3)
3. SM Megamall (Upper Ground Level)
4. Bonifacio One Technology Tower (Ground Floor)
5. Ayala North Exchange (Second Level)
6. Ayala Malls Manila Bay (Second Level)
7. SM Baguio (Upper Ground Level Sunset Terraces)
8. The Podium (Fifth Level)
9. Robinsons Place Manila (Level 1)
10. SM Mall of Asia (Ground Floor, Main Mall)


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  1. I think I’ve eaten at Nanyang in SM Aura, but I’m not so sure. Is it the one that partnered with a coffee shop ? I think i remember that menu.


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