Give a Gift of HeART through the Rebisco Special Designer Cans

Christmas has always been a time of giving and sharing to the people who are around us and at this moment, I’m trying so hard to think of what to give to my family and friends. This pandemic has made us realize how the price tag doesn’t really matter. I realized again, how even though it is the thought that counts most of the time, I also thought of how we could help and support local especially through this trying times.
RebiscoDesignerCans (3)
Grab these Rebisco Special Design Cans which are perfect for this gift-giving season. It features the designs of renowned Filipino artists (Aljo Pingol and Dominic Rubio) and the art students from RLSAA (Regional Lead School of the Arts).

The Rebisco Special Designer Cans was launched during Rebisco’s 55th Anniversary Celebration circa 2018 in collaboration with Filipino artists to capture how Rebisco intertwines with the Filipino story and tradition. Regional Lead School for the Arts Angono, Rizal (RLSAA) became the beneficiary in 2019 addressing their lack of easel stands and exhibit area. Their students were also given the chance to design one of the Special Designer Cans.
RebiscoDesignerCans (2)
Rebisco Special Designer Cans is relaunched this year and it really can be the perfect gift this holiday season. Two things that are close to the Filipinos’ heArt – the designs itself and the premium assortment of all-time favorite Rebisco biscuits. If you are curious of what is inside – Rebisco Sandwich Choco, Rebisco Sandwich Cream, Choco Mucho Double Choco, Choco Mucho White Chocolate, Hansel Sandwich Mocha, Hansel Crackers, Rebisco Crackers Plain, Rebisco Crackers Honey Butter and Wafertime Choco.
RebiscoDesignerCans (5)
The best part is every purchase of Rebisco Special Designer Can will support Rebisco’s
advocacy of providing learning materials and equipment to two (2) stand-alone Art Schools in Angono, Rizal and Calbayog, Eastern Samar. Available in Lazada for only P195 per can (

Let’s celebrate Filipino Art and Heritage through Rebisco Special Designer Cans and give a gift of HeART this Christmas!


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