Fiesta Spagonara ni Ninong Ry

It’s 7 days before Christmas time and I’ve been thinking of what to bring to our family get-together for Noche Buena. Ayun na nga, I stumbled upon a new pasta recipe and dahil natakam na ako at tuwang tuwa ako sa video ni Ninong Ry, I found time to practice cooking it today. Sharing it with you as well so you can try it for yourself! Ito na, Ninong Ry’s Fiesta Spagonara – may Filipino spaghetti ka na, may creamy carbonara ka pa! Best of both worlds ano?

Recipe and Ingredients:
1 pack Fiesta Filipino Spaghettipid
500 grams Beef Giniling
255 grams Bacon
250 grams Ham
250 grams Hotdogs
100 grams Onion
100 grams Garlic
2 packs All-purpose Cream
300 grams Cheese
Cooking Procedure:

1. Cook the Fiesta Spaghetti (pasta) in salted boiling water for 8 mins., drain the
pasta and run under cold water. Set aside the pasta and pasta water to use later.
2. Cook the Bacon until crispy, set the crispy bacon aside
3. Use the rendered oil from the bacon to sauté the garlic and onions
4. Add the ground beef and sauté until brown, then season with salt or patis
5. Add the Fiesta Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce, then bring to a boil
6. Add pasta water to the sauce until you get the desired consistency
7. Add the sliced ham and hotdogs
8. Add brown sugar if needed
9. Off fire, add the all-purpose cream. And then add pepper and adjust seasoning as
10. Mix well
11. Use half of the sauce. Mix the Fiesta Spagonara sauce and cooked Fiesta
12. For the remaining sauce, use it on top and garnish it with crispy bacon and cheese.
13. Serve

Fiesta Spaghetti
is made from high-grade imported wheat and is FIRM in just 8 minutes. Fiesta Spaghetti Sauce is made with fresh tomatoes and REAL parmesan cheese. – All at Surprisingly Affordable Price! So you can Serve it More Often.fiestaspagSuper easy niya gawin, especially for those na limited lang ang time na available. Super perfect for all occasions, mapa-birthday pa yan or wala lang, craving ka lang. Everyone will love it – kids and adults alike. Sure ako! Imagine sa halagang Php109 may spaghetti at carbonara ka na in one sa recipe na ito, using Fiesta Spaghettipid pack ng Fiesta Firm Spaghetti + Fiesta Filipino Style Sauce with Banana Ketchup. Lasang Pinoy talaga! Uy ha! Good for 10 na to, kaya naman nitong nag trial cooking ako, nakapagpadala na ako sa family ko. Ang dami ko palang naluto!

Try niyo din ha? I’m sure maha-happy din kayo, like me sa inyong Fiesta Spagonara!

*Php109 is only the Fiesta Spaghettipid pack. Additional amount for the other ingredients.


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