Bring Home a Bucket of Rebisco MaxiMix

It’s in the nature of moms that every time they do errands, they will always have pasalubong for the family when they go home. I usually bring home some food for Coco and Dada and I always make sure that all of us will enjoy it.
Rebisco’s tins and buckets assorted line is popularly know as the official “pasalubong sa probinsya“. But it has also been a pantry stock option in Filipino households especially these days when most people are just at home. Aside from Rebisco Designer Cans, they also have Rebisco Maxi Mix. Rebisco Maxi Mix provides a premium assortment with crackers, filled crackers, cookies, wafer, etc.) that could actually cater the cravings of the whole family that can be shared whenever cravings arise. Moms need not to worry of the lose of interest with the snacks available because of its premium assortment. RebiscoMaxiMix3Premium assortment consists of branded Rebisco biscuits – Combi Triple Choco, Wafer, Hansel Crackers, Frootees Strawberry, Vanilla Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Bravo Biscuits and Rebisco Crackers. Walang magtatampo ano? Meron para sa lahat! RebiscoMaxiMix1
Bring a bucket full of happiness for your family to enjoy anytime! Rebisco Maxi Mix is available via Shopee, Lazada and leading Supermarkets nationwide!


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