Hey #GlowDigger, get ready to glow #BrigtherThanEver with Skin White Solutions

Glow Diggers, eyes here! A Filipina-led skincare brand relaunches with a modern look along with brand-new products! The skincare brand, Skin White Solutions, believes that every Filipino deserves to have a #BrighterThanEver skin that radiates confidence – enough to take on the world.

Established in 2012, Skin White Solutions started off as an ambition of a young housewife with a desire to help provide for her loving family while achieving the glowing skin of her dreams. Now, with her 10-year experience in the skincare industry, together with a bright and brilliant team, Skin White Solutions embarks on another journey to produce new and improved beauty products. Make way – this local brand is on its way to step up their game!
But you know what, there’s a way to level it up! With Skin White Solutions’ newest products, you can feel two times more confident with your own brighter and more beautiful glow! What’s more, it is a Filipina-led skincare brand perfect for your beauty regimen upgrade.

And for that, they would like to introduce their newest products: Wonder Wash, Talented Toner, and Happy Crush – all made with the finest ingredients from Japan, Korea, and Thailand.

WONDER WASH | Price: 149.00
Key Active Ingredient: La flora Ec-12
Skin Type: Good for all skin types; best for acne prone skin, dull skin, and skin that has lost its radiance
Description: This high-performing cleanser removes dirt while protecting the skin’s natural moisture barrier. It is very gentle on the skin, non-irritating, and has the right pH level preventing skin damage and dirt causing acne. It has no parabens, alcohol, and silicon while being cruelty-free and SLS-Free.

TALENTED TONER | Price: 199.00
Key Active Ingredients: Fermented Yeast Extract, Neem Leaf Extract, Centella Asiatica
Skin Type: Good for all skin types; best for skin that shows multiple signs of aging, lines & wrinkles, and gloomy dry skin.
Description: The talented toner removes impurities, hydrates and soothes the skin, and helps prevent signs of aging. This product is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and non-comedogenic.

HAPPY CRUSH | Price: 119.00
Key Active Ingredients: Passiflora Edulis Fruit Extract, Jeju Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel Extract, Collagen + another slimming active
Skin Type: Good for all skin types; best for puffy face (chubby cheeks), dehydrated skin, or sun burnt skin
Description: This unique cooling ice gel improves and soothes facial puffiness, eye bags, as well as dry, dehydrated, and sunburnt skin. It also slims and brightens the face and can be used as a moisturizer, mask, and after-sun treatment. This product contains no harmful ingredients. It is paraben-free and cruelty-free.
My review: You just need to a pump or two to wash your face with Wonder Wash. It is foamy. I enjoy massaging my face with Wonder Wash, mostly because of its powdery scent. Talented Toner perceives to me like it is watery. Like it is just water with alcohol scent, that is why a few drops of it feels that it is not enough to cover my whole face. But once I cover my whole face it feels so good. Happy Crush Hardworking Ice Gel is the last one you will put in your face with the Digger Set. You will have to crush the gel first in its container before putting it in your face. It feels cold when you crush it, but normal temperature when it damps to your skin. It is a little sticky, but easily absorbed by the skin. In the short time that I used it, around a week, I am amazed on how my skin was glowing, smoother and firmer. It though gave me a couple of pimples but it is usually because of the new product I’m using. 

These exciting new products are made for all skin types to ensure that every Filipino gets a chance to flaunt his or her own unique glow! Guaranteed, each product is made with love and has been carefully crafted to bring your dream skin to life!

Are you ready to glow #BrigtherThanEver? Do you want to embark on the journey to getting the #BrighterThanEver skin? Be part of the growing community of #GlowDiggers! Find these products on Shopee: https://shopee.ph/swsofficial – see you there #GlowDigger.

PLEASE NOTE: Results may vary upon the person’s skin type. We recommend that people with sensitive skin perform a patch test first to ensure that there is no reaction. Please discontinue if irritation occurs. In the case of pregnancy, please consult with your Dermatologist or Doctor before use. If a sudden reaction occurs after the products have been used, please consult with a Healthcare Professional. If any negative side effects are experienced, please message us at: 0998 840 6759. Thank you!




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