Reap your Rewards in Heaven through Langit Points with Walang Iwanan Alliance

We have seen how our fellow Filipinos had helped each other in every aspect that a person may need to survive this pandemic. Faith in humanity restored, ika nga nila. In my own way, I was also able to help in the last few months, pero I admit na medyo feeling kulang because iba pa din yung you are there physically. But because I have to keep myself safe, I can not. Good thing we can actually help our kababayan with just a dotdot on our mobile phone through the initiative of Walang Iwanan Alliance.
Launched in September 2020, Walang Iwanan Alliance (WIA) is a non-profit organization under ADMU616569 Foundation, whose ultimate goal is to have a society where no one is left hungry. WIA emphasizes the importance of working as an alliance because they believe that it is an issue that can’t be solved by an individual. Sabi nga nila, “Kung hindi gutom, kayang tumulong.” wia langit points1
How can to encourage our kababayans to donate? They wanted to do something relatable, especially to the Gen Z and Millennials, to donate at least Php25 a day. Not bad, right? Their strategy: Langit Points! You know how when we do something nice, they will tell you “Oh plus 10 points ka niyan sa langit!” or when you do something bad, “Ay, minus 50 langit points ka niyan!” With that, WIA thought of why not sell Langit Points and at the same time, they can help WIA, right? In short, when we buy Langit Points, we will be able to help, and at the same time we will feel good about it and on our mind, “Wow! may plus points tayo sa langit!”. The more we buy Langit Points, the more Langit Points we get, the more we could help through WIA, the better our place will be in heaven (as we knew when we were little). Sounds good, no?
wia langitpoints3
How does this work? It would be like an online community pantry and it features a roster of NON-EXISTENT PRODUCTS that you can avail via different platforms like Grab, Shopee and Lazada. They are branded as Langit Points Toothpaste, Langit Points Bread, Langit Points Noodles, etc. Take note that once checked out, don’t expect to receive the actual physical products, proceeds will be donated instead to Walang Iwanan Alliance. In turn, WIA will be the one to purchase food and other essentials for vulnerable communities.
walang iwanan alliance langit points
You can visit LazMall (Lazada), Shopee Mall (Shopee), and via GrabPay on the Grab app. For more details about WIA, you may check out their website: or visit the WIA Facebook Page.

Sa totoo lang, madami naman gusto mag-donate, but some are unsure of giving because they can only give a small amount from what they have. Good thing we have this option, and those who can’t really afford much, can also help and feel good as they help in their own little way.

Increase your Langit Points NOW and find your good place in Heaven through Walang Iwanan Alliance.



  1. Sounds like a good idea but honestly quite cheesy (with langit points??). We might not help millions of people but we can always start from our local community, or our kapitbahay.


  2. Wonderful idea! I agree feeling ko parang ‘kulang’ if hindi tayo kasama sa.. Let’s say, pag-papack ng goods or pag-distribute. Pero grateful ako sa mga organizations/programs such as Walang Iwanan Alliance as they find ways to make sure that help will be given to those who most need it especially during the pandemic.


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