All in One Sustansya, All in My Dutch Mill

We all know how online classes can be very straining and honestly, it has been to both of Coco and I. We play games, watch a movie or do arts and craft after his classes so both of us can relax, especially that I will be working afterwards. Of course, we also have our snacks to replenish our energy and our favorite, Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink will never be out of the picture.
dutmillsuperfruits (1)dutmillsuperfruits (2)

Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is milk, yoghurt and fruit juice that kids love, three-in-one na, kaya sulit! it has Nu-3-io Plus sigla support nutrients for immunity, brain and body. Of course, we shouldn’t forget to give our kids a balanced diet. Enjoy its Strawberry, Mixed Berries, Superfruits, Melon, Orange and Mixed Fruits.
dutmillsuperfruits (4)

I’ve always been assured of Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink‘s all-in-one sustansya that is why I stock on this for Coco’s please to drink anytime. Don’t forget to grab a pack on your next grocery run or add to cart via Shopee (Buy Here) and use my code MONDDYMOM to get a 20% discount for ever Php100 purchase and below. Comment Superfruits kung nakapag-add to cart ka na!


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