PaskongCocaCola, ang regalo ng pag-sasama

Before #Covid19, most of us are all caught up in our own fast-paced lives, having less time to spend with the people we love. I’m sure, everyone will agree that the only best thing that happened in 2020’s #LifeOnTheTimeOfCorona is that it brought families closer than ever, even with the family that we couldn’t be with physically. Thanks to technology! Sitting together as a family, especially during meal times is one of the things that I miss the most, even now since it is always just me and Coco.

During the holidays, I was delighted by the opportunity to bond with my family physically at the home where we grew up. It’s been so long since we all shared a meal there. It was a little different last year, but it’s really a memorable one. These days, we can’t think of a better Christmas gift than being in the presence of our loved ones. That is what truly matters, lesser time on our plates and more time with the people we love the most, even virtually, making every moment even more special along with a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola, definitely a #PaskongCocaCola.

.PS. This is me and Coco with my family almost everyday since the lock down, Coke included. 



  1. I adore your strong bond with your kids and your family. You’re right about what has this pandemic brought us, made our relationships stronger.


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