Tuloy-tuloy ang Champion Energy ng Kids with MILO® Ready-to-Drink

Coco has unli-energy but with this pandemic, he sometimes end up feeling tired and bored cooped up at home for the last 8 months during this #LifeInTheTimeOfCorona. It has really been draining us, especially if we are used to an active lifestyle.

We’ve been doing modular classes for the last 3 months and the amount of modules he has to do in a week takes up all his energy and really pushes him to his limits, not to mention the bigger effort we both give due to the very deep Tagalog words that are used in all subjects. Aside from letting him play basketball, soccer and biking a few days a week to make him more stronger physically and emotionally, I give him his favorite, MILO® Ready-to-Drink!


We may have lots of challenges ngayon, kailangan tuloy-tuloy pa rin ang daily activities with the help of MILO® Ready-to-Drink para for sure we #BeatEnergyGap na!

Get a  free MILO® Drawstring Bag for every purchase of MILO® Ready-to-Drink (100ml) 6-pack when you check out via Shopee


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