Mornings Ludysciously Good with Ludy’s

Having a #LudysciouslyGood meal for breakfast is important to start our day. It will definitely give us all the boost and energy we need to get us through all morning, all the more if we love and enjoy what we are eating, right?

I’m the type who enjoys bread more than rice in the morning or during afternoon snacks and I enjoy different type of spreads on my bread but of course, if you say peanut butter, #LudysPaRin and will always be, mula noon hanggang ngayon. Classic to eh! I grew up having Ludys Peanut Butter on our pantry. How do you like your peanut butter? I like it sweet but not so sweet and that doesn’t compromise the peanut flavor. It has a certain texture but it is also smooth. It is kind of have a liquidy consistency but it isn’t fluid enough that makes it so easy to spread. It is not only great to use for your bread and other desserts but also for your kare-kare!

And you know what, #ILoveLudys Coco Jam too, especially on my suman sa lihiya, which I currently don’t have now, but taste so great as well with my waffles. It is the caramel-like taste that makes me indulge with Ludy’s Coco Jam all the more, but doesn’t compromise its nutty and roasted taste. Ahhh… I think I need my freshly baked pan de sal tomorrow morning. You can also try Ludy’s Coco Jam Langka and Ludy’s Coco Jam Peanut.

Recently, I have experience the goodness of fresh ginger through Ludy’s Salabat Ginger Brew. I was feeling under the weather since new year, kaya I tried drinking this . Not only that it gives me a relaxing feeling, but it really helped me to feel a lot better. Weird as it may seem, its gingery aroma soothed me. It is actually the first time for me to try this out, that is why I used a sliced lemon to help mask its flavor. I learned that adding ginger brew to your diet can give you a lot of health benefits like reducess bad breath, improves blood circulation, relieve stress, prevents nausea, helps improve digestion and most of all, it is good for our immune system. But ginger perse can also help you with dandruff problems and acne! Dami kasing great health benefits ang salabat! Have you tried this na? You can also try its other variants – Ludy’s Ginger Brew Premium, Ludy’s Juice with Calamansi, Ludy’s Ginger Punch with Lemon. PS. Drink in moderation.

#LudysAllTheWay talaga kami eh, from breakfast to merienda to midnight snack, lalo pa’t made with all-natural ingredients! This new year, I urge you to not only #SpreadLoveSpreadLudys too, if you haven’t!

Get your Ludy’s Peanut Butter, Ludy’s Coco Jam, and Ludy’s Salabat at all leading supermarket nationwide and other e-commerce platforms like Shopee – Ludy’s Ginger Brew with Calamansi, Ludy’s Ginger Brew Premium, Ludy’s Ginger Brew, Ludy’s Punch with Lemon, Ludy’s Coco Jam and Ludy’s Peanut Butter.


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  1. We are the same mamsh, I like bread than rice in the morning. I also like peanut butter for my morning bread or merienda. Aside from other products my ginger brew na din sila ha.


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