Get the Mmmeaty Goodness without the Meat with Veega

Here’s something that may serve as the perfect partner to enjoy meat-free products that are delicious enough to be enjoyed not just by vegetarians but by all kinds of lifestyle aka picky eaters like me and Coco.

San Miguel Foods released ready to eat frozen food packs of our favorite Pinoy ulam staples during this quarantine period. Thinking also of those with meat-free lifestyle, they recently launched Veega, the very first ever plant-based protein aka meat-free and fully cooked food packs that may serve as their vegetarian line.

Veega is made from plant-based protein ingredients offering a good source of protein, high in fiber and delicious goodness. It uses soy, wheat, mushroom, egg whites and spices as meat substitute and it has no preservatives added.

FYI to those who are not so found of veggies like me. I remember from my son’s Health classes, in our plate, veggies should have the biggest share. In short, Veega can help you have a complete balanced diet. Veega products are high sources of protein containing about 10-16g of protein per 100g serving.

You have 5 meat-free food packs to choose from – nuggets (Php115), meat-free balls (Php99), sausage (Php120), burger patty (Php99) and giniling (Php99). These are all fully cooked, seasoned for your convenience and can be heated straight from the freezer, no need to thaw.

When heated as is, it is already flavorful in every bite. But you can easily incorporated in your usual recipes. Check out how I made my taco bites using Veega Meat-free Giniling.

Please note that while Veega is a plant-based product, it is indeed vegetarian, but not vegan since Veega contains egg whites as well. Aside from vegetarians, not much resort to plant-based diets unless it is due to health constraints. Reason might be because of its availability and convenience, especially that not all members of your family practices the same lifestyle. Having Veega in the market could give a push to those who might want to start having a meat-free lifestyle.

You can purchase Veega in selected branches of the following supermarkets nationwide – SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Rustans Supermarket, Puregold Price Club, Merkado Supermarket, All Day Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, South Supermarket, Landmark Supermarket, Fishermall Supermarket, Hi-Top Supermarket, Maket-Market, Metro Gaisano Supermarket. It is also available in Shopee (Patty, Nuggets, Giniling, Balls and Sausage) or The Mall

Shelf life: Sausage is 6 months, while the rest are 8 months in the freezer

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  1. I haven’t tried plant based goods yet, they say kasi iba parin yung lasa ng plant based products, pero how was it? Is there any after taste or medyo close na yung lasa sa meat?


  2. I’m trying to live the meat-less lifestyle. Haha no pork na ako but ang hirap magbawas cos we still need protein. I’m glad we have local alternative na! Good job to San Miguel for thinking about those who are vegetarians/vegans! Also, buti affordable din. 🙂


  3. Una si Burger king and now… Kumakalat lalo ang vegan options, and Purefoods is really nice cause they’re making it more accessible to us na gusto mag try mag semi vegan 🙂 Sana tho ginamit ng purefoods instead of egg is yung aquafaba na galing sa chickpeas, para purely veggie siya diba? 🙂


  4. Nag shishift na talaga ang market and they are into vegan now! And great thing for san Miguel to listen to their markets’ demands! Though for me, can’t say yet since haven’t tried it pa.. think it kinda differs talaga with real meat. How was it in your experience, mumsh?


  5. Veega really helped me since I was diagnosed with fatty liver. I stopped eating meat regularly and just eat Veega as a substitute for my daily meal. And My liver improved a lot in 1 month my ALT (SGPT) went from 148.96 U/L to 61.52 U/L the normal range is (0.00 – 33.00 U/L) it’s not yet normal but it significatly improved. Which is good , Veega made it easier for me since I’m one of the meat eaters I don’t eat vegetables at all with this it really helped since it did not taste like Vegetables at all and I’m getting fiber too which I needed more off.


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