San Miguel Foods Ready to Eat Frozen Food Pack Easy Prep Meals Made Available

You want to serve your family great food, but you don’t know how to cook, then here’s something that came our way to rescue us, housewives who doesn’t know how to cook! We can now enjoy flavorful meals for our family with just 3 easy steps: Heat, Serve and Enjoy – with San Miguel Foods Ready to Eat Frozen Food Pack.


So far, we tried Kare-kare, Lechon Paksiw, Bistek, Chicken Karaage and Angus Patties. My family enjoyed eating them as they say, it still tastes great, especially it came from being frozen. We just added a view more ingredients like onion rings in Bistek, bagoong and some veggies in Kare-kare.

It now available in 500g packs as well. Here’s how it looks like. See how sulit both Korean Beef Stew and Chicken Pastel pa lang?

Yes, I’m so honest, I don’t really cook. haha! But I try sometimes. So thank God for these Great Food Solutions by San Miguel Foods. Inc.
Order yours online at or purchase in store by visiting any of our participating outlets at



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