#ByeByeBahayrus with Downy Expert Antibac


In the everyday life of a mommy like me, we just don’t take care of the kids or browse Facebook all day. We also cook, clean, run errands, exercise to name a few and our pambahay (house clothes) is exposed to all kinds of #bahayrus that is accumulated throughout the day that may even affect our hygiene.

To make sure my family and I are protected, I always use #DownyExpertAntibac every time I do our laundry. Remember that, it removes 99% virus and protects against bacteria, which helps prevent the build up of germs of our
pambahay. At the end of the day, the germ build up will be kept to an absolute minimum. Especially during the rainy season, when I have a hard time washing our clothes, definitely legit! Our clothes don’t smell even if it is left in the laundry for days, which meant it has almost no germs or bacteria!

Coco loves sniffing me randomly through out the day and he knows it when I wasn’t able to use Downy and he would tell me to never not use Downy because it doesn’t just smell good but it also protects us from germs – he knows it even if I didn’t explain it to him because of the Safeguard logo. Kaya let’s #ByeByeBahayrus na with Downy Philippines Expert Antibac! đź‘Ť



  1. We love using Downy products at home! The scent last longer walang laban mga Aussie brands. Pero walang Downy Antibac here, hindi pa available.


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