Signs that are Distinctly Filipino in the New #DisneyChristmasAdvert2020

Disney sparked nostalgia when they released #FromOurFamilyToYours for this year’s holidays that featured a lot of Filipino Christmas traditions that certainly tugged the hearts of Filipinos all over the globe. The moment I saw it, I knew it was Pinoy Christmas, even before it was confirmed by Disney that it is indeed showcasing Filipino heritage but still represents all families around the world. Seems timely how during this time in our life, we have been missing a lot of our families that we can’t be with because of restrictions. As always, Disney knows how to put tears in our eyes.

The story of Disney Christmas Advert 2020 was set in the 1940’s featuring a Filipina little girl, who eventually grows up, get to enjoy a little girl for a grandchild, whom she bonds with possibly a lot of things, including Christmas traditions and Mickey Mouse. Watch the video here:

Intro to SIMBANG GABI FEELS in the 1940’s, with all the classic parols hanging on what seems like heritage houses now, with not so defined cobblestones streets, and “jitney”, as what they called it then, passing through.

A balikbayan, a father, arrives and was greeted by her daughter and his wife. He gives her daughter a Mickey Mouse stuff toy for pasalubong. A kalesa is also seen behind the father.

But what actually told us that this is indeed of Filipino Heritage are the Philippine Flags in front of one of the houses, but were in state of war (Executive Order No. 23 s. 1936).

Of course, the most important gesture a Filipino parent should teach his/her child, “Mano po” as a sign of respect to elders.

What seems to be a change of setting, in what seems like a snowy UK in 2005. It just told us that probably the family of the little girl from the 1940’s migrated and these kind of stories were really true back then. Lots of Filipino families moved to other countries, probably to finally be together if a member has been working abroad or to seek a greener pasture.

Typical Filipino who displays lots of momentos like the “To Lola” card and a couple of family picture frames.

The TIN CAN that surely deceived most of us, one way or another. Thinking they were yummy cookies, but no! It is now a sewing kit!

Lola’s love for their apo is different, even Lolos! One’s childhood will always be remembered, backed with memories of doting grandparents, who’d do everything for their grandchildren. They’re bond is really different.

And Lola made sure that even if they aren’t in the Philippines, they still uphold our Filipino Culture and traditions – Christmas traditions for this moment. For them, it is parol making, reminiscent of when Lola was a little girl that they do every year.

Even if we all grow up, we will always, end up going HOME to our family. It is the Filipino trait, familial ties, is what we have always been proud of. It will always be our family, no matter what.

Watching this video reminded me how meaningful our traditions and culture we have, how important the values we uphold and how beautiful the Christmas season is in the Philippines and to any Filipino, even if they live abroad. And Disney recognized it and shared it to the world. It is a great feeling to be seen and be represented in such a meaningful way. Disney has always been a big part of my life, and will always be a big part of my family. THANK YOU for featuring us. Mahal ko kayo.

And there will always be something that will connect me to you.. it is this Mouse.

For every purchase of the Mickey Mouse Vintage Holiday Plush, shopDisney will donate 25% of the purchase price to Make-A-Wish® to help grant wishes. Also, accompanying the video, “Love is A Compass“, an original track by UK music artist Griff is also available for sale, with proceeds from every download to be donated to Make-A-Wish®


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