Igniting One’s Passion with Pretz

Writing has always been my passion. It enables me to share my experiences, my feelings and my thoughts. Blogging them has been my outlet and in my little space in the www, I am able to share anything and everything that I am.
Pretz (1)
Pretz (2)

And whenever I find time for myself aka to actually write, whether I am in the zone or I couldn’t think of what line to write next, I have this perfect companion to give me a little oomph – a box of my favorite Pretz in Pizza flavor will actually do the trick.
Pretz (3)

There’s one thing that I’ve always hold on to and I think of, whenever I write something, it is to WRITE WITH PURPOSE and I hope and pray with what ever I write, I get to influence or inspire, even just one person. That truly is what my passion for writing is all about.
Pretz (4)

As for Pretz, it served its purpose to me, right? I hope it would do the same to you. Why not grab a stick or two.. rather, a box or five with all its available flavors. Pretz has 4 other flavors that you can enjoy – Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Sweet Corn and BBQ Chicken. Go ahead and try them all, one for every feeling, every mood, every purpose, and every passion.



  1. I love all flavors that they have, it’s gonna be hard for me to choose which one to try first. I love sour cream and the original flavor as well. It will be an enjoyable time to have it as your snacks and watching your favorite netflix show!


  2. Ahh I love Pretz and Pocky too! They have 11.11 Pretz and Pocky Day in Japan! Wish I have a box of Pretz right now to keep my tummy happy while I blog! haha! 🙂 I like the pizza flavor din!


  3. Aww this is another awesome snack! I love the Pocky, and having this non-chocolate flavor makes Pretz more interesting.


  4. wah! Me too! I usually need a bit of a pick me up na hindi masyado matamis while “pursuing my passions” aka blogging and editing pics hahaha! I think ang pinaka bet ko na flavor dyan is the pizza one ❤


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