Easy Cheese and Bacon Roll Ups Recipe

Anything CHEESY and BACON-Y is LIT. It is one of my most fave food combo. So today I am sharing with you this easy to do recipe that you can make for your kids and kids-at-heart aka your hubby.

We’re using my current favorite, Danes Cheese, which I love because of the taste – cheesy and creamy. Danes Cheese 180g is at 55php, Danes Cheese 450g is at 120php, Danes Cheese 35g and Danes Cheese Slices (22 slices) is at 65php. They also have Danes Sweet and Creamy and Danes with Real Bacon Bits.

Danes Cheese

1 600g Gardenia Classic Loaf
1 450g Danes Cheese
1 Danes Cheese Slices (22 slices)
1 200g CDO Honey Cured Bacon

Serving: 11 rolls


1. Roll your slices of bread flat
2. Place 1 slice of cheese on the flat bread.
3. Make cheese cubes from the cheese block. Put cheese cubes on your flat bread.
4. Roll up your bread and cheese.

5. Wrap the bacon around the roll. I didn’t pre-cook it. Put toothpick to hold it.


6. Pre-heat your pan and add oil for deep frying.
7. Turn until all sides are brown.
8. Serve


So, here you are, my-very-own-to-die-for cheese and bacon roll ups that my hubby and I enjoyed eating. Crispy on the outside and cheesy gooey on the inside!

PS. I shared with you the exact brands that I used, so that you can get the same result as mine.


  1. Omgoshhh! Nakaka inggit! I love cheese and bacon too 😀 Thanks for sharing this recipe… I know what to get on the next grocery sched. Haha!


  2. yay! Gusto ko itry! Kaso tipid tipid muna, yung essential food items muna binibili ko. Once magkabudget na uli ako, bibili ako ng bacon 🐶


  3. As much as I want to eat cheesy foods, high in fat ang cholesterol sila, so hindi ako pwede bilang wala na akong apdo at inatake na sa puso ang asawa ko. Hehe. Looks yummy pa naman. Konti nalang, makikikain na ako. Hihj.


  4. Masarap itong pang merienda mumsh, luto ako mamaya for merienda, sakto aakyat ang byenan ko para tumulong maglinis haha. Oero wala akong stock ng bacon so baka gamitin ko ay ham


  5. gusto ko sya i-try but I’m done with my menu this week. I’ll make sure isked ko sya next week for my boys pero airfryer ko siguro para bawas oil.


  6. This is nice, I want to try this for the kids. They are homeschooled until the end of the school season due to COVID19.


  7. It’s my first time to hear about the Danes Cheese brand. Di pa namin nasusubukan yan. I’ll add this on my grocery list. Thanks for this recipe, may bago na naman kaming merienda sa bahay!


  8. Currently reading this late at night. Couldn’t go but to crave! Kaso, ubos na yung cheese kaninang umaga. Bacon is frozen. Hay!! Would love to try your recipe! Maybe hmmm next week?


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