Philippine Passport Renewal for/with a Minor

First and foremost, I prepared the requirements needed for Coco and I’s passport renewal before anything else. Since we are due for renewal around June next year, and we are traveling this December, it is a MUST that our passport is renewed.

Since Coco is a minor, I can do a walk in in any branch and I can also apply a renewal with him. If dada hasn’t renewed yet, he can also join us.. Note that MINORS are entitled to avail of the courtesy lane together with their parent/s and minor siblings. Visit this page for more info.

Requirements for a Minor’s renewal
1. Accomplished application form (can be filled up in DFA office)
2. Personal appearance with either parent or authorized adult
3. PSA Birth certificate
4. Current Passport
5. Photocopy of current passport
6. School ID (optional)
7. PSA Marriage Certificate is only one parent is accompanying
8. Passport or Valid Government issued ID of either parent with one (1) Photocopy

Requirements for an Adult’s renewal
1. Accomplished application form (can be filled up in DFA office)
2. Personal appearance with either parent or authorized adult
3. Current Passport
4. Photocopy of current passport
5. Valid Government ID with photocopy

Note that this is for my renewal with a minor. So please check this page for more information.

I planned on going November 3, after the holidays. Prior to coming, I went to DFA-Megamall to confirm their office schedule. The guard in charge that day told me that they are open. I also confirmed the requirements for the minor. So on November 3, Coco and I went to Megamall very early because I heard that there is a cut off for priority lane in Megamall. Upon arriving, I was informed that DFA is closed for the holidays. I am kind of dismayed because we had to wake up early that day. Anyway, we came back November 9, but went to a different branch. I read that they don’t have a cut off for priority lane at DFA Robinson’s Galleria, or DFA NCR Central. That’s is why I think this is the best branch where you can apply for your passports -if you are a minor, PWD, pregnant or a senior citizen. This branch is actually for OFWs.
Photo 11-7-18, 1 05 15 PMUpon arriving DFA NCR Central, the security guard asked me to log in his book and he gave me a number. When we were called in the first station, the staff asked for a marriage certificate. I kind of panicked because I don’t have one. I didn’t bring one. I totally forgot to be more prepared, as I only prepared what the guard in SM Megamall DFA told me to prepare. But I learned, that if both parents are present, I don’t need it. So I called dada to come to Galleria. Thank God he answered my call, he was sleeping then since he came from his night shift work. Anyway when he arrived, the staff in the first station asked for his passport to be photocopied then we were forwarded to the verification and processing booth. After which, we paid P1,200 each then went to encoding.

All in all, the process was finished within 20 minutes. Our pick up date was November 15, but I was only able to pick up our passports today.

I will not write about the fastest way to get a PSA birth or marriage certificate. But I will tell you about the most convenient way to get one instead. You can order online for P360 and wait for 3-5 days. You can go to the city hall and get it within the day for P155. But I opted to get ours at the nearest SM Business Center (for me, it is SM East Ortigas) for P180. I can actually go to the city hall, but going there is kind of a hassle, it will take an hour or so for me to reach the Pasig City hall, same as going home. Not to mention the possible traffic and the amount of people trying to get a copy of their PSA for the day. When I could just do a 10 minute walk to SM (faster is I ride the tricycle), pay and comeback after 4-5 working days. No sweat right? Well, this is for those who aren’t in a rush. So I guess, you have to way in what’s the best for you.


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