#Spread100Hugs with Downy

They say, Hugging is the most beautiful form of communication that allows the other person to know beyond a doubt that they matter. Even for myself, when I feel down, I just need my son’s hug and I will be better. It’s the best assurance and security that one can give that tells us that everything will be okay in no time.

Downy Philippines, the leading global fabric softener, recently launched their new campaign, #Spread100Hugs with hug ambasadress, Ms. Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach spearheading it. She introduced and of course, HUGGED different families that has different heart-warming stories to tell, and let us discover the undeniable power of hug through them. Of course, she also hugged her boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger, thanking him for being with her in journey through life.

Let’s spread HUGS this Christmas, let your loved ones, families, friends and maybe a random stranger(?) feel your love and you don’t know, maybe that’s just what they need the most. Make sure you are hug ready with Downy Parfum Collection.

The Downy Parfum Collection is a premium fabric enhancer line that offers softness and long lasting scent from wash to wear. Each variant contains a carefully curated formula that enhances the scent and longevity of the fragrances.

Credit: Downy Philippines Youtube

The event ended with families and friends present HUGGING as the 50-ft Christmas Tree BLOOMED when sprayed with Downy and was then lighted. Here’s my co-hugging buddy which gives me the best hugs everyday of my life, with the Downy Christmas Tree on our back drop.
DSCF8903Visit the hug-activated Downy-scented Christmas Tree located in Eastwood Mall’s open park (near the fountain area) from November 20 to December 19, 2018, and #Spread100Hugs starting today, and every day to experience a hug’s undeniable power.


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