HKTales: Hotel, Transpo, ETC

We got our tickets via Philippine Airlines last March for our May trip. When booking with a child, travel tax isn’t included in the final total. So you’ll have to prepare Php1620 and Php810 for adult and child fee.
We stayed Harbour Plaza Resort City so as to be close to my sister’s place. What we love about it is that there’s a mall/grocery in the area itself, which is Fortune Kingswood.
Photo 6-2-18, 6 47 42 PM
The bus station and the MTR is also right beside it. Transportation isn’t really a problem despite that it isn’t in the city proper.

18 Tin Yan Road Tin Shui Wai New Territories Hong Kong

Going around, you have to have an OCTOPUS CARD. It is an all access card that you use in all modes of transportation in HK – local ferries, trams, MTR, buses, and even taxis. You can also use your card when you order in some establishments like McDonald’s, 7-11, KFC or when you buy in vendo machines. You can get them in the airport express counter or any MTR subway stations.
The first card costs HK$150, which is inclusive of HK$50 refundable deposit and HK$100 credit. The child card costs HK$70, which is inclusive of HK$50 refundable deposit and HK$20 credit. The card can be returned at the end of your trip, and the HK$50 and any remaining credit will be refunded.

The Octopus Card is valid for only 1000 days. It will be deactivated if within this period of time, you didn’t top up. You can re-activate it at any MTR service center. In my case, since I plan to come back to HK this year, I didn’t get a refund for it. Also, since we were arriving almost midnight, and there might be no available cards for sale at that hour, my mom bought our cards on her previous trip the month before we left all together.

We arrived past 11PM so we were still able to catch the night bus – NA34 (12:30AM) going to Tin Shui Wai for HK$40 for an adult and HK$20 for a child. We, of course sat in front, second floor, it’s more fun like that! We used the Octopus Card for this.
Going around HK was very easy for us. I think the first few days I was there, I easily got used to it, that’s why by the end of the trip I am already an “expert” in my standards. Meaning, I am confident enough to go around HK with only Coco and I.

I got easily used to HK’s MTR system thanks to the app I used, which is Metro Hong Kong Subway by Metroman (DOWNLOAD HERE).
I think without this, I won’t be able to travel around HK easily. I just had to follow signs, because at times there are multiple exits. If there’s a specific place I am going to, I also check its directions if I am coming from the MTR station nearest to it.
Photo 6-2-18, 2 57 24 PM
The only time I rode a cab was when I went to my friend’s place coming from my hotel. Since there’s language barrier, my friend typed her address in Chinese characters then, I had the driver read it.

Going back to the airport, we also rode the bus. Good thing the bus terminus is right beside the hotel. Good thing I came in early because the bus arrived earlier and left earlier as well.

Nowadays, we don’t use normal calls and text anymore. What is important now, especially when we travel is having internet connection. I chanced upon this Klook deal (here) for only Php353 for a 5-day HK 4G Prepaid SIM Card with 1.5GB data. It also is available to be used for calling and text messaging.
It was also good for hot spot, but I didn’t use it for that. I had no problems with DATA connection and speed. It was great.

We brought USD then have it exchanged at Ginza Money Changer inside Fortune Kingswood, which is the mall under Harbour Plaza City Resort.
Photo 5-30-18, 2 36 32 PM
When I arrived Manila, I exchanged the remaining HK$ I have at the money changer right outside the airport exit, by the ramp area where cars pick you up. They exchange even the coins, which they won’t at money changers inside the malls.

Fortune Kingswood is our GO-TO for food and grocery. They have PARKnSHOP inside for grocery. Mcdonalds, KFC, 7-11 and a lot more.

Where to find:
Shop No 220, 2/F, Phase I, Fortune Kingswood, 12-18 Tin Yan Rd

Fortune Kingswood
18 Tin Yan Road, Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong

IKEA Shatin Store is a “titas of Manila”‘ haven. Kidding! I love Ikea, even if I’m just window shopping. We actually spent the whole day here. Funny right? My mom can’t get enough.

Address: HomeSquare, L6, 138 Sha Tin Rural Committee Rd, Sha Tin, Hong

HK Airport:
I just can’t get enough of how beautiful


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