KDrama: Go Back Couple

This KDrama is really powerful. It tells the story of how a couple’s marriage fell apart (divorce!) and how they came to realize that they were really meant for each other. It shows the reality of some marriages that we can easily relate to.

Here’s my take away from watching Go Back.


As someone who married young, there may be a phase that would make one feel lost and lonely. The feeling that you have been missing a lot of your youth because you had to be an adult. Ma Jin Joo sees young girls in nice clothes and full of life. She orders herself a nice dress and decides to send it back because since she is now a mother, it won’t suit her anymore. NO, we shouldn’t hinder ourselves. It doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun anymore, now that we have a child. It is always healthy to think of our own happiness at times. Why? How can we take care of our family if we are unhappy?gobackcouple3

When Jin Joo and Ban Do traveled back in time, they were able to do something about the things that they regret that they didn’t do before. Like when their friend Sul left without telling them. In the present time, they still don’t know where she is. But when they traveled back, they were able to find her. Jin Joo also regrets all the time that she wasn’t a nice daughter to her mother and not being with her when she died. So, when she traveled back, she made sure to do the things that she wished she had done with her mother before like drinking and karaoke-ing. Ban Do on the other hand tries to be frigobackcouple7end his “first love”, trying to form a relationship with her but ends up being good friends with her. It makes you think and look back on the relationships you have, be it your family or friends and makes you realize that you should really value and cherish them, because you would never know when they will be gone.

Be sensitive about the feelings of the people around you. If you are married, be sensitive most especially to your partner. Jin Joo’s mother died and shgobackcouple4e has been grieving for months. Ban Do goes to work, comes home with a happy disposition as he walks towards where grieving Jin Joo is. He walks to his room, and cries at the sight of his grieving wife, as well as the grief he also is feeling. They didn’t know that this act of theirs could be one of the reasons of their breaking up. What Ban Do wants is to see Jin Joo smile again, what Jin Joo wants is for Ban Do to comfort or hug her. Jin Joo also thought that Ban Do doesn’t care or grieves her mother’s death, but in Ban Do’s part, he misses her too. Clearly, a sign of miscommunication.

gobackcouple5One of the couples mistakes in the story is their failure to communicate and because of that problems arise. As I mentioned about, Ban Do and Jin Joo fails to communicate their life’s complaints and if they were there for each other and has talked about it, maybe they wouldn’t reach to the point of divorcing each other. That is why during the time slip, and certain events occurs to them, they would realize that the way they kept their feelings from each other were what drove them apart.

Focus on the ones who care for you, because they are the one who truly matter. Not gobackcouple6those who you want to be with or those who are not here anymore. See, Jin Joo, after her mom died, focused only on her. Yes, it is okay to grieve and cry. But she still has her husband, her son, her sister and her father. She should have focused on them. When her mother knew about the time slip situation that they were in, she advices her daughter on what she will do after she passes – take care of her father and family.

gobackcouple9For the wives who are stay at home or work at home like me, we may not know it, they  may not show it but our husbands are always trying their very best in providing for the family and that there might be a possibility that they are just enduring some of the tasks that were given to them just so they could provide – for their family, only for their family, they would do anything. The least that we could do is nag them.

Before Jin Joo and Ban Do returns to the present time, Jin Joo and her mom were talking. gobackcouple10Her mom tells her to endure the hurt and the ache when she is gone. Jin Joo tells her that she can’t do it. Her mom tells her “If you were able to raise a child, you can do anything” True enough, giving birth we are always at risk of dying even, if we can endure the pain of giving birth and everything after it, we can endure anything.

gobackcouple8They say, “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long”, it’s the same with this story – the minute we want to give up, think of the reasons why you married each other in the first place. Literally, Jin Joo and Ban Do traveled back in time to remember the reasons why they love each other and why they got married. Yep, this too shall pass. Whatever it is that you can be going through in your life, you will go through it because if you won’t be able to handle it, He wouldn’t put you in that situation.

Honestly, there are times when I want to go back in time. When I was still single and gobackcouple11living the life. Would have I date another guy? Would I be working in an office? What if I studied abroad? What would I be today? But with all these thoughts, it will all bounce to the day, I had my son, Coco and I wouldn’t have it in any other way. The same reality that Jin Joo and Ban Do is facing when they went back in time. The sad reality of not having their son Seo Jin by their side, and each day that they haven’t gone back to the present time, would hurt them a thousand times fold. Of course, we know what happened next. They went home, and be the family that they really ought to be.

Go Back Couple is about marriage, family, friendship, regrets and what ifs but there’s always hope and love. Yep, its how beautiful memories and love would triumph over our disappointments in life.

Note: All images where collected from Google.com | I do not own these pictures.


  1. Upon reading your post, I wanted to look for it and watch it. I love kdramas I watched a couple of them but for sure this will be on my next list. The story is very relatable especially for a SAHM. I love it when you said “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long” so true! This is a great reminder for couples who are thinking of breaking up. And lastly, another line that really strikes me is “If you were able to raise a child, you can do anything” The story is very inspiring.


  2. Patay na patay ako sa Koreanovela na to. Hahaha. Kahit paulit ulit talagang sinusubaybayan ko.😊😊😍


  3. Cried many times with this kdrama series, though I cant relate because I’m not married yet. It’s the thought of losing that spark over time, that hurts a lot. But good thing, it’s a happy ending!


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