HKTales: Food Trip

I’m no food blogger, I just want to share the the GREAT FOOD, for me, that we ate at in HK!

Kam Wah Cafe is popular with their polo bun, egg tarts and milk tea. It took us a while before we found their place because the sign is in Chinese Characters, and their store front is kind of similar with others. This is actually the first authentic Chinese I ate in HK.
Photo 5-31-18, 2 23 20 PM

The place is small, for some place that is popular, that is why it could be really crowded. Luckily, we were able to get a place once we arrived. But we were moved to another seat, that we were actually sharing with another group. So don’t be surprised if the staff places you in a table that you have to share with someone else. They actually serve food fast, which meant you have to eat fast as well, because of the probably long queue waiting to be seated.
Photo 5-31-18, 2 23 21 PM

So of course, we ordered the polo bun (pineapple bun) – which doesn’t really have a pineapple in it. It’s a sweet bun with a crunch on the outside and it resembled like a pineapple and it serves with a piece of butter in the bun. (HK$6 Polo Bun,, HK$10 Polo Bun with Butter).Photo 5-31-18, 2 32 58 PM
The eggs tarts were great and eggy. (HK$5)
Photo 5-31-18, 2 33 07 PM
Milk Tea was smooth and creamy, just the way I want my milk tea to be. (HK$10)
Photo 5-31-18, 2 35 58 PM
We also ordered these:
Photo 5-31-18, 2 39 07 PM
Photo 5-31-18, 2 39 50 PM
Partial Menu:
Where to find it:
G/F 47 Bute St, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Take Mong Kok MTR’s exit B3 and take a little walk to your left in
Opens as early as 6:30AM

If you are craving for something Italian, Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe is your go-to. It is like Italianni’s or Ristorante Bigoli here in the PH.
Photo 5-30-18, 3 57 23 PM
Here are the food the we ordered:

Carbonara – HK$32
Photo 5-30-18, 3 08 15 PM
Spaghetti with Tomato & Bacon – HK$29
Photo 5-30-18, 3 09 36 PM
Grilled Spicy Chicken – HK$32
Photo 5-30-18, 3 09 41 PM
Grilled Spicy Sausage – HK$17
Photo 6-1-18, 8 49 55 PM
Cheese and Bacon Potatoes – HK$17
Photo 6-1-18, 8 43 46 PM
Golden Crispy Chicken – HK$24
Photo 6-1-18, 8 47 48 PM
Sauteed Spinach with Bacon – HK$17
Photo 6-1-18, 8 47 56 PM
Pizza Margherita – HK$17
Photo 6-1-18, 8 44 53 PM
Black Pepper Sauce Hamburg – HK$32
Photo 5-30-18, 3 01 33 PM
Where to find: Saizeriya Website
The branch where we ate at:

Mc Donald’s. Need I say more? It’s my go-to food for Coco when we couldn’t get him to eat food where we are eating.

Chocolate Sundae HK$, Chicken Nuggets HK$, Grilled Chicken Burger $, Tarot Pie HK$ and Milk Tea HK$

Tsui Wah Restaurant – we actually ate here after a long day in Disneyland. It was late already, around 9PM and we were so tired, we just wanted to eat something. Our food took a long time to be served. I actually only remembered eating chicken satey and drinking milk tea here. The servers also forgot our order, when we reminded them after a long time, it wasn’t available anymore.

Where to find: Tsui Wah Website
The branch where we ate at
Tung Chung Branch
Shop 101, 1/F, Fu Tung Plaza, Fu Tung Estate, Tung Chung.
Tel : 2811 2877
Business Hours : 07:00-00:00

A trip to HK won’t be complete without eating Bubble Waffle. We chanced upon one right when we exited Prince Edward MTR, which was sold for HK$12. I also bought Coke in can for HK$6.

When we were at Super Park, the only restaurant inside it is Cali-Mex Bar & Grill. I love Mex food!!! Good thing there’s something for the kids and I was also able to order a kid’s meal as it would be cheaper and I was craving for pasta.

Chicken Nuggets & Fries HK$78 | Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce HK$78 | Quesadillas around HK$138 | Mini US Beef Burger HK$108 | and plus HK$28 for the kids meal for drinks

Where to find: Cali-Mex Website
The branch where we ate at
Shop G03, G/F One SilverSea, No. 18 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opens 9AM-9:30PM

Thank God my friend brought me to MeokBang Korean BBQ & Bar for some Korean fix. Because I was so hungry already, I also had to run to Phase 1 to get Coco’s McDo meal, as well as my excitement, I wasn’t able to take more photos. But it was sooo good!

Where to find:
Phase 2 Fortune Kingswood, Tin Shui Wai, Tin Yan Rd, 12號, Harbour Plaza Resort City Tower 2

Ikea. We were in Ikea for one whole day, thanks to my mom. Good thing they have Ikea Bistro.

Chicken Onion Rings – HK$8, Roasted Chicken Fillet – HK$13 and Hotdog with softdrink – HK$10
Photo 6-1-18, 2 49 47 PM
Where to find:
The branch where we ate at
Ikea Shatin Store
HomeSquare, L6, 138 Sha Tin Rural Committee Rd, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Sorry for the less appealing pictures, I only used my camphone XD



    • NAkoooo!! Super late post na nga ito. Naging November na, eh May pa ang trip. I’ll add more soon since nag HK uli kami nitong December. Haha! Hope I don’t get lazy. But so far so good coz napopostko mga recent events haha!


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