Nicholas Sparks |Two by Two

twobytwoJust so you know, I’m a longtime fan of Nicholas Sparks, and I haven’t read his books since 2009 – the last one was The Last Song. Although I have a copy of Best of Mesigned by him even, I haven’t read all his books after that. So I’m not sure if this was the first book, but this is the first book of his that I’ve read that doesn’t focus on a couple falling in love, rather it’s telling a story of a couple falling apart. It has an entirely different feel than his greatest stories  and I just don’t know how to feel about it.

Honestly, it took me half a year to finally finish it – if it wasn’t for our delayed flight and that it’s the only E-book on my phone that moment, I wouldn’t even remember to finish this. The first half of the book – Russ talking about his job and all – justifying his resignation – for me is useless and pointless. It was too dragging. I’m all for him starting on his own – I could relate – we have the same profession. But whaaaat is this. It’s tooooo… But when the part about Russ’ job is over, it started to grow in me. I started to feel his domestic problems and I started to empathize with him.

But I love all the parts that have his daughter in it. I adore London so much. I picture her as a little girl with long golden brown wavy hair with a crown and in a pink tutu plus her fairy wings, of course. She is the sweetest and my heart broke during the times that she is sad and I’m glad that she has a best friend, Bohdie to play with. I always think of my Coco and his bes tfriend, Astrid whenever London and Bohdie are together. My favorite parts of the book are those of her and Russ together. I very much can relate to Russ, taking care of London all day every day even if he has work to do, it is so me. I totally see me in him in all those London-Russel spots.

“Two by two, they came in pairs, from all over the world.”

Anyway, it just tells us that despite the storm that would come in our life, a rainbow will always be there at the end and that there will always be that someone who will be there for you in times that you would need anyone the most. Two by Two maybe full of heartbreaks but it is bittersweet and still full of love.

“Friendship isn’t about how long you know someone. It’s about who walks into your life, says ‘I’m here for you’, and then proves it.”







  1. Fan din ako ni Nicholas Sparks and I’ve watched the movies na book based. Pero wala pa ding makatalo sa A Walk To Remember niya then 2nd ang The Notebook on my list. I only read through ebooks at yung dalawa lang ang nabasa ko sa printed copy na todo iyak ako after ko magbasa at manood. Nakakaloka diba. Highschool pa ako nun. Now that you share this book, I will search an ebook of this and will try to read it. Pero yun nga lang until now di ko pa din matapos tapos ang After You naman yung sequel ng Me Before You na isa pa din sa nakapagpaiyak sa akin na libro.


    • I think I have most of his books, but other than AWTR, The Notebook, The Wedding, Message in the Bottle and Best of Me, I got those others through a second hand online shop for books years back 😀 So, the recent ones after Best of me, I don’t have a copy yet haha! Annnnd I havent watched the others as well, di kasi ako palanood sa sine eh, well dati nun sa eastwood area pa ko nagschool nakaka 3 films pa ko minsan. Ngayon wala, pag may nag upload online, chaka ako nanood and mostly Netflix nga.

      I finished those last year i think Me before you series hehe.. parang me bago syang book? di ko pa nacheck kung me e-book na na avail..

      Let me know, I have the TwobyTwo E-book, I can share it with you…


    • Aww! Enjoy!!! I haven’t got my copy yet coz I just read it via an ebook, but for sure i’ll get one, can’t not complete my NSparks collection!


  2. I’ve not read any of Nicholas Sparks’ books, but I have watched movies like The Notebook, The Last song, A Walk to Remember, Safe haven and The Lucky One. My favorite is The Notebook. I’m a reader but it just hasn’t appealed to me just yet.

    I think I should try picking up one of his books and see for myself, though a guy ranting for so long about a job he hates is just not my thing. Maybe another title? 🙂


    • Haha true!!!! I’m currently reading The Longest Ride, but not so appealing to me, like I dont have the drive to finish it in one seating. but im trying to. ill right about it soon


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