Much Awaited Bora-dise

It’s been a while, my dear home.. I missed you so much.. Imagine, the last time we were here was when Coco was 6 months old (and turned 7 months while on the island)? We’re back exactly 4 years after.

Coco and I was still in San Francisco when my friend, Carla invited us to join her company outing (which mostly consist of our barkada). Since we left Jhe behind and it will be our 5th anniversary this year, I said yes to her.

Few days after we arrived Manila, I tried booking the resort where we stayed at the last time we were in Boracay, Residencia Boracay. I really wanted to stay there because there are less people in Station 1, the breakfast buffet, the rooms are homey, I like the crowd, very near Jonnah’s and add the proximity of Residencia to our friend’s resort, well aside sa swak sa budget.

I tried and was able to reserve it using my Paymaya account (which by the way has no funds). In, they have this pay as you check-in option, as well as free cancellation in a certain period of time prior to travel date. So, a month before our trip, I sent a message to the resort’s Facebook account to confirm my reservation. I also asked for the total amount that I will be needing to pay in cash when we check-in (I’m OC like that, need to prepare cash!). I was kind of surprised that the published rate in, isn’t really the rate that we will be paying and it was around P2,200 higher, 12% VAT included. So, I asked if I will cancel the reservation and will book through them directly, will there be a price difference? Yes, they gave me a 15% discount. I pushed through with reserving directly and customer service went well as they assist me with the letter of authorization and other details that they will be needing, since I don’t own the credit card I used to pay.

Our flight was rescheduled an hour earlier, that is why as early as 8:30AM, we were already in our resort, and as early as that time, we were already checked in. But before arriving the hotel, I was quite amazed of the difference 4 years could make, the airport arrival area looked really different, as well as the Caticlan Jetty Port. They were more efficient too.

As I was saying, we were at the hotel by 8:30AM, already checked in. Such a pleasant surprise, that not only we were given an early check-in perk, our room was also upgraded (which I only learned upon check out!). We were able to rest the whole morning, and went out in time for lunch. Our friends hasn’t arrived yet by this time.
What I also love about the rooms here in Residencia, is that it has its own dry room. I’m not sure if the other hotels has it too (well, its the only resort that I have stayed at that has one, both in Boracay and in other places). I hate the sand that stays inside our hotel bathroom. Since our room has a dry room, I have less problems with sand. We also dry our wet clothes there, and because of that our main bathroom isn’t too cluttered. Did I mention their breakfast buffet? Yes. It has been one of my favorite breakfast buffets since I first tasted it last 2013. I also commend their friendly and accommodating staff. Here’s there latest rates, in case you are interested.

We ate at Boracay Toilet for lunch, and ohhh before you go ewwie on us, just no! It is the only toilet in the world where you come out full! We were seated in real toilet seats, with sinks/bath tubs as tables.

Our order arrived in tiny toilet shaped ceramics. Plates shaped in toilets, as well. I cry. I haven’t eaten rice since June, but I had to eat this time, sayang yung masarap na Pee-Stek Tagalog (P329) – just the perfect bistek and probably the best one I tasted my whole life. Something Piss-y (P229) for Coco and Steamed rice (P100) for sharing + a can of Coke and 10% service charge. Do the math. Haha!

While waiting for our food, we played around with their photo area, a huge toilet and urinal. Honestly, I even asked for a real toilet, I was already having confused on what is real or not. If you check the top photos, the wash area is also a urinal and a toilet. Whut.

Boracay Toilet
is located at Balabag Plaza in Station 1 – it is quite hard to find, honestly we passed by it already and we didn’t notice it. But once you have know where it is located, you won’t miss it anymore. Always look for the building with a toilet seat hanged on its front and the restaurant is located at the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building.

After lunch, we just rested in our room, since it was too hot to stay under the sun. We just went out of our room late in the afternoon as we await for the majestic sunset.

We rode a tricycle from Station 1 to Station 2 to look for a place to eat – we ended up eating at Andok’s in D’ Mall for dinner. Then we walked back to Station 1, and had our dose of Jonnah’s Shakes – can’t not have those when here in Boracay! Mocha Rhum, Banana Mocha Rhum!

Then we headed back to our area, went to Sur Beach Resort, where all our friends are staying for a fun night of bonding and over flowing drinks.

Our morning started with the ala carte breakfast the our hotel. This is actually my favorite part of our stay in Residencia. I’m not sure though if they only serve ala carte if they have few guests or they only have buffet on weekends. But upon check in yesterday, they have a breakfast check list that made us answer to prepare for breakfast the next day (which was a Thursday).

Say hello to the beautiful morning view we have in Station 1, White beach.

Our friends, Cris, Mitch and their son, Tsuna waited for us to finish breakfast then we walked around till we reached Station 2, where Jhe had his hair braided (for around 200-300php, I forgot how much haha)

We were supposed to meet up with our friends in Puka Beach, but they already went to Puka Beach. They were island hopping, and we didn’t want to join them. I, myself, didn’t want to join because I have been to lots of island hopping in Boracay in the past. We just rode a tricycle going to Puka Beach instead.

As much as Coco loves the beach, he didn’t enjoy Puka Beach’s because of the very strong waves. He couldn’t swim! But it was really very pretty there. One of my favorite spots in Boracay.

After our trip to Puka Beach, we had our late lunch at Tilapia ‘N Chips. I found this restaurant online that said they have set meals for 99php, but they didn’t have it when we went there. We just got the group meal which cost us less than 300php each – for a cup of soup, a cup of coleslaw, a cup of rice, beer battered dory/chicken planks plus a glass of iced tea. I can’t remember the whole meal nor the price, my bad! But I remember they lacked something that day, so they exchanged it for more chicken i think. Then I ordered a fish n chips kids meal for the kids to eat. It is actually great tasting for the price that we paid. We left satisfied and ful. I also like the ambience of the restaurant, it was happy and bright.

We went back to our hotel after and took a nap. Coco and I went to watch the sun set after. He went back to our room after a short swim. I went out for a walk or/and just sat by the shore. Then I saw our friends and chitchat with them until it was around 9PM when I realized Coco hasn’t eaten yet, so I went to Jonnah’s and ordered burger for me and pan cakes for Coco, plus shake. It was an early night for us.

For our last full day in Boracay, we were able to enjoy the buffet breakfast. Tip: so you wouldn’t get easily hungry, maximize your breakfast, especially if it is a buffet.

We just spent the whole morning at the beach. It was just a chill kind of day – just swam and played in the sand.

I also had my own sand name made for 170php with tip! Actually, they don’t allow this anymore, I don’t really get why. They are really talented and they earn a living for that. In all fairness, I think they don’t overcharge.

When it was too hot to stay under the sun, we stayed at Sur with our friends – with free flowing drinks as early as 11AM. YAZ! As part of their company outing, our friends played games yesterday and the prizes they got are activities that they can do in Boracay – like fly fish, ATV, parasailing, helmet diving, etc etc. So, some were just chilling in Sur, while others do their activities. When most of our friends left, Jhe, Coco and I just walked along the shore until we reached the Grotto (Willy’s Rock). I think it’s my first time to actually climb it, even though I’ve seen it so many times.

And we just swam and swam and swam until it was time for our paraw sailing.

So, Jhe, Coco and I did paraw sailing. Moana feels. It’s one of our favorites! Coco rode it when he was 7 months old, good thing, he wasn’t afraid of it now that he is 4 years old.

We had a private scrumptious buffet dinner set up at Estacio Uno c/o our friend, Carla. It was great food, great ambience, great friends and great music.
It was an amazing vacation and reunion with my “island home”. It’s so great to reintroduce it to Coco, since he was still an infant the first time we went there. I pray that he would love the island the way I love it and that we’d be back there soon!

Fees/Transport Cost to pay:
Tricycle to Caticlan Jetty Port – P50 (max of 3 pax)
Boat to Boracay Island – P50 each
Environmental Fee – P75 each
Terminal Fee to/from Jetty Port/Island – P100 x 2 each
Tricycle from Cagban Jetty Port to Stn 1 Hotel – P20 each
(all of which excludes Coco, he is still free!)
Trycicle to/from station 1 to station 2 – P10, not private
Tricycle for 4 pax (and 2 kids) from Station 2 to Puka Beach – P100
Tricycle for 4 pax (and 2 kids) from Puka Beach to Station 1 – P100
Paraw Sailing – P500 for 5 pax

Disclaimer: Almost all photos are taken by my Fuji XA-2 Camera as well as our HTC RE except for some pictures (Puka Beach, Estancia, braid pics, and some of the pics in the 9-square) taken by Turtlefishphotography. You can visit their facebook here.



    • True!!!! Halos 5 months na lang, magbubukas na sya uli haha! I see Boracay posts nga everyday kasi me friend ako na local. kaya ayun palagi sya may updates. ang ganda ganda sa isla.


  1. Waaaah! That food in the mini toilet! Not sure if I can eat it. LOL 😀 I was there last year with my family. Sadly, there’s a lot of moss by the shore. We went to Puca beach but the waves are too high, not kid friendly. Good thing there’s a pool at the hotel. Atleast my two sons were able to enjoy swimming. ^_^


    • Haha!!! I was contemplating if I was going to eat it or not, but the smell is amazing so I indulged! Aww.. what month did you go? Puka has very strong waves nga, my son didn’t enjoy it there as well.


  2. i was in Boracay with my family in Jan 2018, just months before it was declared for clean-up. i hope it is being maintained properly now.


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