[Giveaway Alert] #WanderWoMom5thYear

I was the “The Wandering I” back then in blogging world (I started in 2004!) while @MargxWanders in social media. In reality, I was always alone, even when I’m with friends.

But then I became a mom in 2012 (and gave birth in 2013!), so since then, I never wandered alone – I always have my little boy in tow, hence, my “name” WanderWoMom

I gave up wandering alone 5 years ago, so I want to share something that my son and I love to do: yes, you heard it right! Wandering – luckily, he inherited that gene of mine.

This is a race to 3,000 followers in Facebook. Once we reach that number, I will draw ONE lucky family who will receive free tickets from me and my son to a choice of:

Here’s what you will do for a chance to win:
1. Like my Facebook Page, WanderWoMom.
2. Share this post in your Facebook page with the hashtag #WanderWoMom5thYear and tag 5 friends (or more!) to join. Make sure your post is on public setting.
3. Comment DONE in the main Facebook post.

Bonus: Additional entry 1) if you also like Coco Marcus’ Facebook Page. 2) Like @WanderW0m0m (those are zeroes) and @coco.marcus on Instagram

• Winners will only be receiving entrance tickets from me. All other expense will be shouldered by the winners. Winners are preferably from Manila (or provinces near Manila), unless you are willing to travel to your chosen fun destination. In case I was able to draw a winner from a province, you can be an angel this Christmas season and share it to someone in Manila – yes, your prize is transferable.
• Winners will be drawn through random.org
• I am no way connected to Manila Ocean Park, Ace Water Spa, Kidzania Manila, Kidzoona, Ark Avilon Zoo, Jump Yard and Art in Island. This isn’t a sponsored post.
• The fun destinations that I included are places that we have been to that Coco enjoyed that’s why I wanted to share it to YOU – PS. We haven’t been to Manila Ocean Park but we’ve been to Sea World and Coco loves it there so much XD

Thank you so much for joining, and I hope to share this journey I have with you in the future!




    • Thank you for joining! Minsan lang po maka share ng blessing. sana nga umabot na sa goal ko para makabigay saya na din ako sa isang family.


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