Mommy Mundo: Mompreneur Meet Up

Finally!!! I am able to attend the 3rd Mompreneur Meet up that Mommy Mundo organized. I’ve always wanted to attend, to actually meet and connect with other mompreneurs, like me and of course, to learn.
In today’s run, we met 3 mompreneurs and we learn about how they started their business, their struggles and achievements as a mompreneur and as a parent as well.

First we meet, Minnie Jumaquio. She is the owner of Snug-a-hug and Wallaby Mommy. She started Snug-a-hug because she wanted to have a more comfortable sleep. She saw a similar kind of pillow but it was so expensive, so she made a DIY pillow project, and that’s her eureka moment! She also started her own line of mommy bags with Wallaby Mommy. Notice how she innovated her products that would be of a big help to new mommies – breastfeeding ones, on-the-go and working ones? Her “mom-ventions” are not only useful pre and post pregnancy, but also in the years after that.

Next is Sherrie Siy, the owner of Discovery Depot. She sells wooden toys for all stages of development and promotes choosing educational toys for Filipino children. She wants to change the mind set of parents, that simpler toys are better for kids and that it will leave the kids to imagine and think.

And lastly is Denise Gonzales-Bernado, half of Indigo Baby. They sell nursing and baby wearing related items, as well as all-natural products like balms, sprays and insect repellent. Their main goal is to save the planet, one baby at a time.

I got teary eyed once Denise shared her “history” of how she started her biz. I totally saw myself in her. Once I had Coco, I didn’t really want to work. I initially had a business prior to getting married and having my son, and eventually I also joined the corporate world.

But corporate world really isn’t for me. I swore I wouldn’t come back to work after I give birth. Like Denise said, the world can wait. My son needs me every second of his life. Same, same mantra.

So I started another biz related to babies, it was good while it lasted. But lots of similar biz sprouted. The market became denser. I want something more. When the time I started to dress up Coco, I was lost in the “Girl World” of instagram. How about the boys? And bam. That’s my EUREKA moment, and Lil Dudes Only was born.

The thing is, many supported me. Some friends, but a lot of people especially those whom I’m related to doesn’t believe in me, minamaliit ako. But anyway, as time passed by, it didn’t bother me anymore, it doesn’t matter. I don’t need those to be by my back, coz I have people who really matter who were with me every step of the way.

My son is now 4, a kindergartner and I’ve had almost never left his side, and LDO is now 3 years old and it has encountered some failures in the past years but it is still here, alive and kicking!

And my “success” is because of the people who supports me, and all the mommies and daddies who tag me with their little dudes’ OOTD. They have always been my inspiration.

So thank you Denise for tearing me up, as well as Minnie and Sherrie for the “pep talk”. It was so fun meeting you, as well as, Janice – THE Mommy Mundo. Can’t wait for the next!



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