KDrama: Operation: Proposal

What if one day you will be given a chance to re-write your life, to change what has already happened, to re-create an action to eliminate the mistake you once did.. would you?

I recently finished the Korean Drama, Operation: Proposal. It is about two childhood friends – Baek Ho and Yi Seul. They met when Yi Seul transferred to Hamuel Elementary School wIMG_2478hen they were 8 years old. Since that very moment, they were inseparable, up until middle school and high school, they were still together. Of course, feelings would be formed. But both weren’t honest enough to let each other know. After 20 years of friendship, one day, Yi Seul is getting married to Baek Ho’s baseball coach. Baek Ho regrets how he just let Yi Seul be wed to another man. After the wedding, he found a love letter that Yi Seul weren’t able to give him back in high school, it was a letter of admission, admitting how Yi Seul has loved Baek Ho for the longest time. Baek Ho cried so much, because he has always felt the same way. He regrets not being open with his feelings, he regrets the times he always make Yi Seul sad all those years they were together. The Time Conductor suddenly IMG_2479appeared. He gave Baek Ho a potion to drink to be able to go back in time, to re-do what he did wrong, to tell his feelings to Yi Seul. He may have succeeded at times, but the turn of events after he time traveled is something.

Operation: Proposal is a story of love and friendship – it is sweet, funny, tender, heart-warming, moving and thought-provoking. Obviously, I don’t usually blog about K-Dramas, but here I am, writing in the wee hours of the morning after I finished the whole series. Watch this in Netflix to know what really happened in the end. So, many twists and turns, making me cry towards the last few episodes.

Going back to my question. Would I re-live my life again? It has always kept me thinking, not only because I watched this. It has always been in me, thinking about it when times are tough. Sometimes, I regret that I didn’t do something that I really wanted to do/have/be with before. I’ve got so many what ifs, really. But thinking about it now, I am scared of what I will be facing, of going back and getting to experience them all over again. As well as scared of the thought that what matters to me now may not be in my “new” present.

Should we regret? Maybe. No one can stop us. We can always regret. But we can always treat those regrets as life lessons. Every mistake in our life are meant to happen – to learn from it and to gather strength from it. Do I want to change my past? Yes, I want to. But I won’t. I believe whatever had happened to my life is because it was destined to happen, that if I will be able to travel back to re-create it, I will always end up to where I am now.


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