Soaring Good Time at the Trampoline Park

A spur in a moment fun-venture just happened today. We went to Trampoline Park!

It is an indoor park were trampoline mats stretched from wall to wall that are of course padded with trampoline levels and trampoline walls that would allow you to jump and bounce all over the place. You can also play basketball, dodge ball and volleyball or do fitness activities and parkour.

There are the basketball lanes, net area, trampoline with different levels and the foam pit.

There’s also a nook where you can buy food in case you get hungry and drinks if you get thirsty and a viewing deck on the second floor where parents and those who are not joining can watch. They also have more lockers for the participants on the second floor. .

In my part, I have a toddler in tow. I was following him around the whole time. But it didn’t hinder me from jumping around! I love how I also lost at least 1000 calories while my son was having fun bouncing like Tigger (as he says!). At first, he was just running around and sliding at the angled trampolines, then he started to try jumping until our time was almost done. When there’s 10 minutes left, he wanted to change his clothes already and drink water because “I’m so tired mommy!” was his line already.

Kids 2 years old to 5 years old can play every 12NN to 4PM for only Php420 for a child and adult! Other rates and schedules can be found here.

Trampoline Park – Gravity Zone is a fun experience for kids, teen and even adults! Who knows that you can have fun while being fit?

1. Participants will have to watch a safety and rules video before entering the trampoline area.
2. Grip socks are available at Php80. But you can wear any socks actually.
3. Don’t leave your kid unattended.
4. If you have a big kid in tow, let him know that jumping around an area where there is a small kid might hurt them both, so he should avoid it.
5. Jump at your own level
6. Bring lots of water, or buy at the cashier for Php40.
7. Bring extra clothes
8. You can leave your stuff at the open lockers, just secure your important belongings. You can also rent a locker with locks for a minimal fee.

Trampoline Park – Gravity Zone
The Portal, Mayflower Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City
E-mail: /
Landline: 5534972
Mobile: +639 0545 33879
Facebook: trampolineparkph



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