The Super Dudes Crew at SM Megamall

You see, life goes on for our beloved Hi-5 legend, Stevie Nicholson after he had his final performance and bow as a Hi-5 cast member in their last Hi-5 House of Dreams tour in Manila last December. He has been with Hi-5 for 9 years and he has been almost everyone’s favorite.

Around August of last year, he announced in his official Facebook page that he will be retiring and every Hi-5 fan, including me was nothing but sad. But because we love him and support him, we welcome the new things that he will pursue too. Here come’s his first book, “Super Dudes”, as he announced in his retirement post, is his new “baby”. He sold it online (and probably during their last few shows in Asia) and then during their November visit in Manila. I believe Coco and I was the very first one in Manila to got hold of a copy of his book because I was the first person in SM Mega Fashion Hall that day for Hi-5’s first mall show and bought a copy (as promised!) once the merchandise booth was opened. Well, unless Stevie gave out his books to some people he met during their TV/radio guestings that time prior to the SM Mega shows. Of course, Coco’s copy was signed by him, making it Coco’s first book signing experience.

During the “merienda” session after one of their Hi-5 shows with both Hi-5 Aussie and PH, Stevie told us that he will be coming back the following year (which is now!) to have his official book launch here.

Fast forward to April 2015, Stevie comes back to Manila and had lots of mall tours around the Metro, meeting thousands of kids in a span of I think 3 weeks here in Manila (and Baguio and Ilo-Ilo). Again, as promised Coco and I will watch one of his Super Dudes Shows. And we finally was able to do so at their SM Megamall tour.

It was a two part show. The first part were song and dance numbers of the Super Dudes Crew, with a song highlighting each character – Super Stevie, Flutterby, Pencil Pirate and Bubble Trouble and of course, Super Thumb.

Stevie even found us in the audience during the bubbles portion but Coco got scared of the bubbles of his bubble machine.

Then they got a little boy up the stage for Pencil Pirate to draw in the huge Super Dudes Book.

And the last part is the meet and greet and book signing. The line was so long and we waited until the end before we got in line. While I was waiting for our turn, I was noticed a special little girl who came up the stage and hugged Stevie. When she left, I saw Stevie paused for a moment before he entertained the next child. I saw a different aura in his face right after that moment with the special little girl. It was priceless and there was a different look in his eyes. It’s unexplainable but it seems that it was the reason why he started the Super Dudes Book. And that my friends, made me even prouder of Stevie.

Of course, Stevie’s Super Lil Dude Coco had a moment with him and the rest of the Super Dudes Crew.

Well, the Super Dudes book? I think I’ve read it a dozen and more time already. Coco’s favorite super dude at the moment is “Wheels” – well you know, it’s related to cars. While my favorite is Super Thumb.

There’s one thing the Super Dudes books wants to tell us. Anyone can be “Super!” It’s because each and every one of us is special and unique, as we each have our own skills, talents and appearance and that’s make us “Super” in our own special way.
Here’s the Super Dudes Crew

You can still catch them this week in the following malls for this weeks’ tours – Friday (15th) at SM Light; Saturday (16th) at Century City and Sunday (17th) at SM Ilo Ilo.

Stay Super, Dude!


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