Facts about Myself

1. I have 5 siblings – 1 big brother (Dominic), 1 younger sister (Kathryn) and 1 younger brother (Matthew) via my Papa and 1 younger sister (Sherisse) and 1 younger brother (Denzel) via my mom. I learned that I have an older brother when I was 15 years old and I met him 4 years after, after his daughter found me online. I haven’t met my other siblings with my Papa since they live in the US. I lived with my siblings with my mom till I moved out 2 years ago.

2. I finally got my dream come true to write for Candy Magazine back in August 2010. Sharing the story of ‘How I Met My Brother‘.

3. I also got the chance to go on TV via ‘US Girls’ in Studio 23 – nakakaloka tong stint na ito. I wasn’t prepared for it. Biglaan kung biglaan. Nevertheless, I super enjoyed it. One for the books.

4. Wanderlust has always been my favorite word. I love traveling and going to places. I’ve been doing that since I am a baby. I am so blessed to have a mom who would bring me anywhere and everywhere. Until I grew up, I’d really save up to go wherever. Since my son was born, I kinda lie low a bit because we had to of course prioritize our needs first. I am happy because I think my son has love for traveling as well. Aba naman, he was just 5 weeks in my belly when he first “rode” an airplane, he was 1 month when he had his first long drive to my hubby’s province in Quezon, he turned 7 months in Boracay which makes that his first real plane and boat ride. I wonder what his first out of the country destination would be?

5. Mom – my new favorite word for the last 3 years. I’m getting the hang of it. I used to be a breastfeeding mom (weaned at 35 months), used to be a cloth diapering mom (stopped at 20 months), I used to be a baby-wearing mom till he was a little over 2 years old, because he wouldn’t fit his SaYa anymore but I’m still a stay-at-home mom, mom-preneur, but my most favorite “mom name” is Coco’s mom. I am surely, definitely, totally enjoying being mom to coco, despite and in spite of bad days, just one smile, one giggle, one hug and one kiss, he’d definitely make my day.

6. Entrepreneurship – the degree I finished, the path I took. I’ve tried corporate world for more than a year, but I keep coming back to my business. Until now, I still don’t stop of thinking ways to expand or try to open up another one. After 6 years, I lie lowed with one, didn’t push through with another, wanting to start another one but there’s one that’s been stable for the last 2 years. I never thought I would love it this much. Not my first love, but definitely my last. Lalo na ngayon, I have Coco. I want to stay at home and take care of him as well as earn for added income.

7. I don’t lose friends. I just find out who the real ones are. I have lots of friends from all over. But there’s these certain people that are more special to me. They’re just a few of them, but I am definitely sure, these people are for keeps. Most of them has been my friends for more than a decade already and I am glad that despite of the distance for some, time difference, busy-ness and what not, nothing has changed through the years.

8. Since 1995, I didn’t have a middle name, not until 2012 when I got married.

9. I married my childhood sweetheart after 12 years from the year we first got together.

10. I finally lost count of how many godchildren I have. 30+? Don’t worry they are all listed in my notebook with birthdays.

11. It is hard to juggle business and household management with an active toddler around.

12. I am now a young grandma via my niece, Sakki’s son, Aled Isaac.

13. I am not updated with the current popular music so don’t ask me about it. Haha. If I know a new song, its because I heard it at It’s Showtime.

14. When The Amazing Spiderman 2 was shown in the cinemas, it was the first time I watched a movie again since November 2012 – a few months before I gave birth. The last movie I watched with my hubby was around June or July 2012 and the first time we watched again was during father’s day 2014 (Blended) so much for being busy with work and the baby.

15. When I was still single, I’ d shop for clothes and books almost every week. I couldn’t remember buying anything for me since I learned I was pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been shopping non-stop – for Coco. Haha! It’s true, when you become a mother, you think less of yourself and more of for your child.

16. Thank God I still have all my picture files from 2004. Could you guess how many pictures I have for the last 10 years? Millions I guess!

17. Candy Crush addict forever. I’ve started playing it since the first time it came out in the app store. Very few people were playing it then. As in, wala ka masesendan ng request for extra life at walang magrereply sayo. But sadly, I still hasn’t finished it because I can’t focus on it yet haha! Soon, I will!

18. I’m so missing my mini library back at home. I didn’t bring it here in our current place. I miss reading books. I miss going in a bookstore and coming out with a new book. Honestly, I’ve got like a hundred of books still sealed because I haven’t got the time to read them yet. These days I started reading again, but sa e-book na lang muna since it is more convenient for me.

19. I am so glad that I’ve met Nicholas Sparks, face to face during 2011’s Best of Me book signing here in Manila.

20. This is hard. Finally I’m done. Didn’t know that I will have a hard time thinking of facts about myself to share.


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