Uratex Sparty for Mother’s Day

Becoming a parent, a mom at that is quite challenging, yet has the best rewards that life can give. For a mother like me, I have to balance my time with my husband, the household, my business and most importantly, my child. It actually brings out the worst and the best of me. But I believe, I am an empowered woman – of strength, patience, perseverance and passion.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Uratex held a special sparty for mommy bloggers like me at the Ronac Lifestyle Center, Magallanes. The event aims not only to raise awareness on how to achieve better sleep but to also give us a well-deserved break from our hectic schedules.
But before anything else, we got to tour the Uratex Premium Gallery and went to a mini-workshop wherein we learned more about the essence of good sleep.
And that’s me, trying out the Soft Escape Pillow, which is my pillow pick among the selection of pillows that Uratex have.
We got a chance to try the Xsensor Machine, an image – pressuring device that helps sleepers detect which mattress would best feet our needs. It is based on two points: 1) Pressure Relief (to minimize tossing and turning) and 2) Support Area (to indicate mattress comfortability).
I tried three types of beds – Viscoluxe, Ultima and Balance.
I am a side sleeper, and the best mattress for me that the Xsensor Machine chose was the Ultima. But even without it, among the 3 mattresses that I tried, I still choose Ultima for I love anything soft. Here’s what my body looked like with the Xsensor Machine, those red marks shows that I am not comfortable with Viscoluxe and Balance and the all blue meant that I am very much comfortable with Ultima. [Pictures: Viscoluxe, Ultima and Balance]

While relaxing on a Uratex Premium Mattress and enjoying the comforts of my beautiful 5-minute room, I watched a short informational video by Dr. Keith Aguilera, ENT/Sleep Specialist from the Philippine Society of Sleep Medicine on tips for a healthy sleep.

  1. Have at least 7-9 hours of sleep
  2. Comfortable bedding
  3. Good ventilation and right temperature
  4. Get rid of noise and light
  5. Stick to a regular sleeping time and waking time
  6. No naps longer than 45 minutes
  7. No alcohol 4 hours before bed time
  8. No caffeine 6 hours before bed time
  9. No to heavy, sugary and spicy food before going to sleep
  10. Exercise regularly
  11. Don’t use bed for work and recreational activities

We spent the rest of the afternoon with fun-filled pampering activities – a well-deserved break for hard-working moms, like me! Thank you Celebrity Nails and The Creamery for making Uratex Sparty oh so awesome!
Thank you Uratex for a momazing treat, indeed you made me feel oh so special. Thank you as well for the take home treats, most especially for the Senso Memory Celeste Traditional Gel Pillow.

About Uratex Philippines
For more than 48 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to delivery exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit http://www.uratex.com.ph.


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