Hi-5 Live at Mega Fashion Hall

After Hi-5’s announcement of their shows in SM Megamall, my heart panicked. We have to watch. We have to. I promised Stevie in one of those posts were he suddenly replies to your comment. I have to see Stevie.

I was having second thoughts because I have an event on Saturday and I still have a lot of things to do. But then, sayang naman our receipt. After today, I regret the fact that I had seconds thoughts about watching. BECAUSE. EVERYTHING. WAS. SURREAL.

My friend Hazel and I decided to watch together with our kids. But my sister will watch at 3PM and my mom told me to watch with her. But Hazel had so many tickets for the first show, so I came with her to watch. Also gave away some tickets to some parent and child bystanders at the side of the event area. I felt so good with what we did, even if it didn’t came from me itself (but from Hazel’s). Here’s also my Dani girl posing and Coco joined him. Watched with her, Tin and Jojo as well.

The thing is, the photo opportunity this year was kind of different from last year’s. This time, it’s only by chance. Soooo…. waaah! I’m unlucky with those pick a prize kind. Lo and behold, during the first show, we were about 20 groups, among them all, I’m the only one seated on the other side, the side where those who weren’t able to pick the meet & greet card. But the SM Mega staff were kind enough to actually give me a slot. HAHA!

Prior to the audience entering the area, Stevie goes out to do book signing for his book, Super Dudes. The book will be sold during the duration of their shows until Sunday. It’s 700Php. So grab a copy now, because it will only be available in our country next year.

So photos above are Coco’s first time to have his book signed. When we met Stevie, I told him that his name is Coco. Then he says, “Coco! Rissey’s nephew! Ohhh so cute!” “So, you are Rissey’s sister! It’s nice meeting you!”

Show time. “Wish Upon a Star”, “Living in a Rainbow” and “L.O.V.E.” are some of the songs they sang.

Meet & Greet part 1. So Coco and I were halfway through the stage and Tanika and Dayen excitedly shouts “Coco!!!!!!” They know my Coco!!!!! Apparently, they saw pictures and videos of Coco from the night before when Hi-5 PH went out with them. Stevie got Coco immediately.

Friday, 3PM show. We watched with my sister Rissey, Alex and Gerard (Fred came before the show ended).

And another meet and greet happens. Hi-5 Australia and Hi-5 Philippines on stage together. That surreal moment I really want to witness.

After the show, Hi-5 PH got busy at the merchandise booth plus with some fans wanting to take a picture with them. Then Dayen told my sister to go to the back stage, but we didn’t catch them there. So we just followed to where they went.

This is the awesomest part of the day. When we ate together at the Food Hall, Hi-10 plus me and Coco. OMIGOSH. It’s just so amazing to have met our favorite Hi-5 gang up close and personal, beyond their character and being a cast member. I love how they laugh at Coco’s antics and how they play with him. Dayen was Coco favorite playmate then, because we were seated next to each other. She was really patient with Coco having her look at every single photo and video from my phone. I love how Stevie also hugged Coco and whispered to his ear (of course, I heard it) “You’re the coolest kid ever!”

Of course, I was to shy to ask for a picture. And this was the only picture I was able to take, right before Coco got busy with my phone, showing everybody his videos and pictures.

I’ll never forget this day, for Coco. He’s too young to remember it. But when he’s a bit bigger, I’ll never get tired to tell him about it again and again. I hope one day, we will see these awesome people again. Hopefully in December and when Stevie comes back next year.


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