Hi-5 Wonderworld of Coco

I remembered that almost the same day last year, I woke up so early and went to SM Mega to fall in line and get a ticket for Coco and I for the Hi-5 Live Show. It was so surreal to watch them on stage. All the kids were dancing in front like the ‘Songs of the Week’ on TV. I remembered Coco who was so stunned and it took him 3 songs to make him start dancing again. So, that was the first time that we met the Hi-5 cast. Coco became more and more addicted to them from then on. Me, his dada, mama and Rissey also memorize the Hi-5 songs.

Makin’ Music Song of the Week
Underwater Discovery Song of the Week with Tito Fred

Then my sister, Rissey became one of the Hi-5 Philippines cast members. We even met Fely (former Hi-5 Australia cast member), whom me also met personally. She will always be my favorite Hi-5 girl and it’s so surreal (I don’t know how many times I’ll say surreal here) to have her stay at my house and have her sleep in my bed. I was in awe that day because of the thought that there’s one cast member who was able to witness how Coco loves Hi-5, how huge of a fant his tiny person is at age 2, and how he memorize almost all the lines of each Hi-5 song, even the Tagalog theme song.
The Hi-5 addiction Saga continues. We watched every mall tours, St. Paul Pasig school tour, studio shoots of the ‘Songs of the Week’ – he was in 2 songs, one with his Tito Fred carrying him.
 photo hi5ausxhi5ph9.jpgStill my favorite memory of his childhood, and i will never get tired of telling him about it, even if the time will come that he outgrows them already! ha! Coco is forever the luckiest little boy in the hi-5 world!

Can’t wait to see them live again tomorrow. Praying for a chance to a meet and greet again.

Here’s yesterday’s surprise for Coco from her ninang Rissey:


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