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In August, I got emotional upon reading Stevie’s official announcement of finally leaving Hi-5 after being a member for 9 years. He isn’t called the “Hi-5 Legend” for nothing. He will still be in another season of Hi-5 as he have already taped it, as well as his last 3 legs of shows in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Manila. His very last show will be here in Manila. AND WE CAN’T NOT NOT WATCH. We have to.

But last month, they already went here in Manila and that’s the time when we got to know them personally, because of course, of Hi-5 PH.

Back to Stevie’s post. I promised him there that we will watch his very last show in Resorts World. And because Hi-5 Ph was supposed to do something with them at that show, and we still don’t know the schedule, I haven’t bought any tickets yet. But thank God, Christmas came early, Ms. Sienna (the Hi-5 PH Boss) gifted Coco (and I) VIP tickets for the very very very last show of Hi-5. Thank you so much Ms. Sienna (and TV5)!

6PM/December 21, 2015/ #SteviesLastShow, the very very last, ever

First song, “When you wish upon a star” got me to emotional. I got so happy when they performed “So Many Animals” because it’s the first time I saw it live. Of course, I love the rest and I really really enjoyed this show, since it has a story. Compared to their mall performances that’s only a few songs. And then encore to the final song performed by Stevie – L.O.V.E. of course. When they came back, Tanika was carrying her videocam while dancing. Speech time came, I was also in tears. Stevie, we will miss you together with the thousands of kids who loves you and will miss you dearly.

Aside from the pictures I’m sharing, here’s the last video of L.O.V.E.

We (together with the Hi-5 PH) waited for Stevie to finish his book signing with his Super Dudes Book. Check the FB page for details on how to get a copy of it. As far as I know, Stevie will be back in Manila next year for another book signing. I’m not so sure when though. We gave our farewell gifts for him and this one is from Coco and I. Just a simple printed copy of it.

Stevie’s ever supportive dad
Good Luck Stevie!

Stevie, thank you for being part of the 5 person team that made my son smile, laugh, sing and dance for more than 2 years. you will always be Hi-5 for us and you will always be remembered and missed. As long as there is Hi-5, you will always be with us. Hope to see you again in the future and I hope you will always remember your Lil Super Dude Coco. No matter how old he is, I’ll never get tired of telling him stories of how lucky he is to get to know you guys. we love you! – Margaux and Coco


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