Pororo and Friends’ Monsterrrific Halloween at Edsa Shangrila Hotel

AKA Trick or Treat 2014 #2

Very unexpected. We were supposed to go to my sister’s friend’s place for another round of TOT this year. But then, my sister can’t come with us that early, so I didn’t want to go there without her. Then this happened.

I didn’t finish Coco’s costume because I thought we wouldn’t go to any other TOT. I have to think of something that we already have, something that doesn’t involve head gears and what nots.

Presenting my Pugsley Addams of The Addams Family.

We arrived a few minutes past 2PM, which is the registration time. We were welcomed by my highschool batchmate, Cita Yuhico who works at the hotel and is part of the event committee. We got our name tag and we went around the ballrooms for the different activities available.

First room, there were booths from Booths Republic. Then, you’ll have to log on to your facebook and like their page. You will draw from a fishbowl, if the paper has “Booth Republic”, then they will give you a free hand fan. Then you will have to like their instragram, for you to be able to get free personalized stickers as well as get to color a mask. Coco enjoyed his stay at the arts table, even if he didn’t really know how to use the crayons. I find this not appropriate for the occasion. 1. their internet connection is very slow, that it took a while before facebook opened. I even used my own mobile to like their pages. 2. Napaka-hassle especially for a mom like me na kami lang dalawa ng toddler. I had to keep him busy while I work on opening their facebook page in their laptop. Buti na lang Coco was engrossed with what he was doing. So, if you don’t have facebook or Instagram, you won’t be able to enjoy their service? When I think sponsor sila diba?

Another sponsor, Learning Time in room number 2 has a showcase of books or CDs that they are selling. Room number 3 is something that has archery thing in it, not so sure who the sponsor was. Another room is a haunted maze. In another area is an art area care of Faber Castell.

Aside from that there are booths from cherifer, krispy kreme, Pororo Juice, chocolait, Jelly Ace Juice and someone giving out double mint candies. So, after passing by each of them, my mini jansport backpack is really heavy from all the tetra pack juices inside it.

Coco got so ecstatic when he saw Lotte’s Koala March’s mascot. Hindi niya tinigilan ito. Paikot ikot sya, kept on hugging, pounding his butt and touching him. Of course, we also too a photo with the Pororo at the entrance.

Then we went in the main ballroom, Isla Ballroom and found a place at the end of the ballroom. The kids were all called to parade their costumes on stage. Then as the main event started with games for the kids, the waiters also served snacks and drinks for everyone.

While I was busy eating and attending to Coco, I suddenly heard the host call my name. I won a Britanica Encyclopedia Trivia Challenge CD c/o Learning Time.

After the games, the host called out all of the kids to go near the stage, because Pororo is coming out. The host also asked the kids to dance.

We were at the foot of the stage, Coco was even standing on the stage while I was holding him and when Pororo was dancing. Suddenly, the one in charged asked for Coco’s name, turns out he won Best Pororo Dancer (was given a loot bag from Hanford and GC from Bubblebee Company). Way to go Coco boy! You’ll have an awesome costume next year! Haha!

There were games again after, so I let Coco just run around the area then decided to leave and waited at the hotel lobby lounge for a cab. Here’s our lootbag and freebies.

Team Kramer is another story. When we arrived Edsa Shang, kasabay na kasabay namin sina Chesca at the entrance. She was the one who first say Hi! when she saw Coco. Nakakatuwa that she always remembers Coco. And then at the ballroom, Coco was with Doug and Kendra, playing. But they left to do some responsibilities for the hotel. The next time that we saw them was at the lobby lounge when they were waiting for their car. So, Coco played with Scar. Too cute, Scar kept on hugging Coco. Nakakatuwa to see them playing. Pinaka funny moment was when Doug called out to his kids to have a picture taken with him seated at the lobby’s floor. Gavin was crying, Scar didn’t want to join, while Kendra poses. Then, Coco who was running around beside them, stood by Doug’s side, posed for the camera with a big smile. Super funny because it is super rare that you see him smile at the camera without asking him to. Maka photobomb naman Coco, wagas.

Also saw Denise Laurel, whom I last saw in 2008, when both of us were still childless, Rakista days at Vicky Belo’s place during Rakista Party Party for the viewing of the last episode. Ehh yung nagkasama na nga uli sila ni Kuya in Annaliza pero di naman ako nagpupunta nun. Hehe. Missed you CC!


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