Shangri-la Halloween Fair

First time to attend a TOT event in a mall. I heard good feedback with Shang’s so I wanted to bring Coco there. Come registration day, I was so disappointed because I came in early but didn’t even reached half of the line. They said, all 350 tickets were already sold out. So, when I was about to move on, one of my IG mommy friends, Tin of @deardanielleph has tickets! So thankful to her for sharing them with Coco.

For a 500php worth of registration fee, I think it was all worth it. Upon registration during the event itself, we were given an ID tag for free items from the food booth and game booths, paper bag and a map for pink team where were assigned.

My TOT buddy is one of my mommy friends, Giselle, her hubby Wally and baby Catwoman, Sab.

We were given a list of stores where Pink team can go ask for treats. It is around 28 stores around the mall, we almost finished it but when we arrived some stores, balik na lang daw naubusan! Some stores are also so generous that also gave out treats even if they were not in our list.

Aside from the stores assigned, there was also a free bag tag, pop corn with water from Shang Cine Bar, a small cup from Happy Lemon and lastly, a back pack from Shang.

Food booths includes hotdogs, ice cream, cotton candy, candies, potato corner and cookies.

It’s so fun for the mommy, since Coco doesn’t understand it yet. He don’t know that he has lots of sweets after this. But it was so tiring since I have to carry him plus my backpack and his pail. I was also worried that he won’t wear his costume because he doesn’t want to wear his costume/s when I was trying them out on him. That’s why even if it’s already the morning of TOT, still don’t know what he will wear. I ended up having him wear the devil costume that mommy bought in UK.

Comments for Shang Organizers: pre-registration, maybe limit the number of kids per person. they say, max of 5 per person, in the end those who came in early as well, didn’t get to register. OR add slots if that’s the case. OR if they will give slots to some VIPs, please do not include them na lang sa press release na number of slots available. Para people in line wouldn’t expect. Ako nga I expected to get a slot since I believe aabot naman ako if you look at the number of people in line from where I am in. During the event, I’ve got no comments but a job well done and very organized sya. Lalo na yung groupings, at least we wouldn’t be crowded in all stores at di mauubusan ang ibang kids. For the food booth pala, we weren’t able to get hotdog na kasi we opted to start with TOT first. When we were redeeming our hotdogs, they gave us canned purefoods luncheon meat instead, which is fine with me, ulam din yan. But when I was about to put it in our food shelf, it is already expired, September 2014. So sana, and dapat – please don’t give out expired food! gosh! Anyway, hope to join again next year with a more participative Coco.


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