My Tita Yna’s Books

I grew up reading Hiyas Children’s books that my Tita Yna usually gave me and my cousins during Christmas or birthdays or sometimes at random.
I especially love her first book, “Ang Bagong Kaibigan ni Bing Butiki” which stars my best cousin, Aina and our grand parents Lolo Ding and Lola Paz. It is about the lizard Bing who doesn’t want to go near kids because he is afraid to get hurt by them. Then, Bing meets Aina, read the book so you’ll know what will change Bing’s view on kids. A few weeks ago, I started to read this book to Coco because he saw lizards by the window of his room. He kept on pointing at it and also makes sounds. So now, everytime he sees a lizard, he says waves his hand, as if saying “Hi!”.

Tita Yna’s 2nd book is “God of Fire, God of Rain (Wow God Series)“, she retold the story of the drought in Israel when the prophet Elijah issues a challenges to the false prophets and t show Israel who is the One True God. I believe she said she chose this story because of my cousin, Elijah whom she always reads books with every weekends.

I gave away both books during Coco’s 1st birthday early this year.

And lastly, her newest book, “One Mighty, Awesome Incredible Rescue (Wow God Series)” which was released last September 20 at this year’s Manila International Book Fair. She wrote it for my two little cousins, Elijah and Jamie (the ones in the picture). I haven’t got a copy of it yet. But according to the info in the OMFLIT page, “What have you done to us?!” the Israelites cried to Moses. The Egyptian army was getting near but before them was the Red Sea. They were trapped! Who is the mighty, awesome, incredible rescuer of the Israelites?” — this is what you will look forward too.

These books are available at any National Bookstore, at around Php70 or at the OMFLIT Bookstore.


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