Manila Zoo

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I went to Manila Zoo. I couldn’t remember how many times I went there before. I am sure I did, says my old pictures. But what is vivid really vivid in my memory is the area of Maali the e
So my sister, invited me and Coco to join her to the zoo because she has to observe monkeys for her homework in one of her subjects in Anthropology.

It was raining on our way to Manila. Good thing when we arrived we were still able to walk around the vicinity until rained again, 45 minutes after.

I noticed that the elephant is now alone. The zebra is with the sheep. The water animals are in one pool. The rabbits and the hamsters are in one cage. The tigers are in the in different cages. The lion isn’t majestic at all, looking tired in his cage in the middle of the zoo. There is no giraffe. There are a lot of empty cages. The animals are so few and were even “caged” together.

The place seems gloomy and tired, where is the spark of Manila Zoo? I am not really an animal lover, but seeing Manila Zoo today, it broke my heart. Why don’t the management do something about this? It is so empty, smelly, filthy and did I say, sad?

Heard there was even an increase in the entrance fee. It was PhP 100 for an adult when we came. I think my PhP 100 was gone to waste. Could the management or the government fix up the zoo? At least justify what we could get with the increase with the entrance fee. Hope we could expect some improvements, and not disappointments from the management.

Coco was free. Good thing.

Because of the rain, we weren’t able to go inside the Kinder Zoo. The staff in that area said that you can ride a horse or the tortoise or feed as well. There is an additional PhP250.

There is also an area where you can take pictures with the birds, snake and crocodile. Of course, we only took a picture with the birds.

How I could wish they bring back the magic of Manila Zoo.


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