Gymboree Mega Fashionhall, Free Trial Class

Upon learning about the newly opened Gymboree in SM Mega’s free trial class, I immediately grabbed the opportunity to avail of it. I also invited my mommy friends to join us so our kiddos will be classmates. Today was our schedule, 3:00 PM for L4 class (16 to 22 months).

We have 9 pairs of toddlers and mommies tandem in our class, Me and Coco, my mommy friends and their babies – Hazel and Robert, Kris and Alonzo, Glo and Nica, Kat and Andre, Giselle and Sab – joined us, ending up monopolizing the class.

We had singing activities, activities that involved the balls and the slides, the big cushions, a parachute and bubbles. It was fun but it was tiring for me, because Coco wants to play. So he kept on running around instead of focusing in his class.

I don’t know if the teachers/main teacher of our class has experience with toddlers already or if she is new. I wasn’t able to interview her because I was too tired with Coco. But I think she has still a lot to learn. I don’t know if the toddlers were still too young for a class and to focus in one, given the fact that they see toys and slides around or they class was too large for the teacher to handle.

There was a lot of idle time for the others toddlers who weren’t doing an activity. Isa-isa kasi sila. Like when they went up the slide and they have to roll the ball down the slide. It took time since the toddler is still learning or absorbing what he has to do. Bago pa magawa ng bata, ang haba na ng time for a child and we had 9 toddlers. So the other toddlers were restless or wants to get busy with other stuff. Also me kanya kanyang time na ang toddlers ay may tantrums. So good luck diba?

All in all, it was fun and challenging for both the teacher and the parent. I’m pretty sure my son enjoyed playing, as always. But I think he is still too young to be enrolled in a class which he has to attend regularly (for this one is, weekly for a month or 2?). Maybe in due time, we would come to that day when he’d focus on learning instead of with playing.

Thank you Gymboree Mega Fashionhall for the opportunity to join a class. Looking forward to enrolling Coco in the future. I’ll see you next gym play!


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