Hi-5 Live in Manila

Before I had a baby, I’ve always wondered what’s with Hi-5 that kids loves watching it? Then I had Coco, we were watching Disney Junior, and Hi-5 started. I don’t know but since then, Coco loves Hi-5, and I couldn’t resist watching it too. I almost memorize all the lines of each songs in season 13 and Coco knows its TV schedule.

Then just a few days before October ends, SM Megamall announces in their Facebook page that they were bringing in the Hi-5 cast live in Manila. I was sooooooo excited! The deal is, just present a receipt worth Php2,500 from any establishment in the mall in exchange for a ticket for one kid and one adult.

The day they released the tickets, I went to SM Megamall super early, I was even first in line (not until a not so old lola said she was in SM Mega earlier so she stood in front of me in line). Knowing that there was an event that day, SM Mega should have made the set up the day before, but it was 30 minutes from mall opening when they started with giving out the tickets because they still had to set up. I heard it was not until the 2nd and 3rd day when the line in the ticket exchange were super long. I also saw my other IG co-mommas in the line so we decided to come together on show day.

On show day, the first show ever, Coco and I were at SM Megamall even before it opened. Once it opened we went straight to SM events center. There was already a short line starting so I fell in line na din. My IG co-mommas arrived as well with their yayas so we weren’t really haggard and all. I was able to eat lunch and coco was able to take a nap before the show began.

It’s show time. The early bird catches the worm. We were one of the 100 ticket holders that was able to take a picture with the Hi-5 cast. We were seated at the front row, right by the stage. The cast, arms reach and it was so surreal – this is what I felt for Coco. I believe he hasn’t understand yet what was happening then.

The cast sang at least 7 songs while the kids who were seated in front dance with them. If you look at them, they’re like the kids in the Hi-5 house, super lapit talaga nila sa stage. Coco was dancing too, but a little bit shy at first.

Done with the show and with the picture taking, here’s our two shots, coco and I with Hi-5 and Coco with Hi-5! Super surreal, I can’t really believe it, we’re rubbing shoulders with them! haha! Grabe, I did this all for Coco, I’m sure when he’s a little bit older and he understands already, he’d really thank me for bringing me to shows and meet & greets like this.

anything for you my baby boy.


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