Kidzoona: Indoor Fantasy Park

Me and my IG Mommy friends decided to have our Christmas playdate at the newly opened play zone at Robinson’s Galleria. It at the 4F, where Best Sellers (National Bookstore) used to occupy. It is an indoor park where kids can do role playing, run-roll-jump-slide-do-whatever.

It surprisingly has a huge play area. I wasn’t actually expecting it to be that big! I couldn’t even imagine that this used to be Best Sellers. They even have an arcade located by the entrance where we actually waited for our friends to come. At least, the kids didn’t get bored easily.

The mini village is very cute and very detailed with the items. There’s a Patisserie (where kids can make their own cake), Sushi Bar (where kids can dish up their fave Japanese meals), Ice Cream Parlor (where kids can scoop their favorite ice cream and even make your own crepe), Burger Shop (where kids can make their own kind of burger),

Hospital (where kids can be a doctor for a day), Phil Post (where kids can sort mails and “deliver” them), Flower Shop (where kids can create their own bouquet), Market (where kids can either be a cashier or buy “fresh” fruits and veggies), Fire station and a Fire truck too. Kids can also play dress up according to what they were playing. I find the burger shop so cute, they have burger patties, egg, bread and even bacon.

Of course, Coco’s favorite is the firetruck and fire station. I like the thought that the kids could try on different careers, here in Kidzoona, it is really a good opportunity for them to learn from role-playing.

There is also a toddlers area with mostly educational wooden toys.

There is also an area for ride on cars.

I actually enjoyed riding the zorb with Coco, and he loves it very much as well. we were like hamsters, yo!

By the mini village, there is a very long inflatable log where kids and adults can roll and jump. Coco actually ran a few times from end to end that I was really tired following him on it.

So the main attraction is the huge ball pit with one playground slide and a huge inflatable slide.

Coco was only able to slide at the other slide because the inflatable is very steep for him. Maybe in a few months time, when we come back, he can already slide in there.

I like how they limit the number of people coming in even if their play area is really huge. I think it’s 25 kids plus approximately 25 companions to go in per hour. It means the place won’t be crowded and kids can maximize their play inside Kidzoona. I also like that there are also couches for parent to rest (as well as the yayas) so that we won’t be scattered around the area. But of course, a mom with a toddler like me can’t just seat around. There is also a water dispenser for the thirsty kiddos. The area is well lit and spacious enough. The staff makes sure that the toys, especially those in the mini village and toddler area are rearranged for the next kid to play. There’s also staff who assist kids in the slides and the ball pit. We were also given a key for the locker and shoe locker. But I find it weird having 2 lockers. Sana they just made 1 big locker to accommodate both the shoes and the bags.

But I noticed there’s no staff by the zorb ball. There should at least be one staff to assist the kids playing since it is quite dangerous if ever it will be pushed very hard. I also noticed that they don’t have their own rest room. They should at least have one since the kids might need to go.

All in all, Coco and I had so much fun playing. I just wish that next time he’d be more interested in role playing than running around in his fireman costume, or riding the ride on car and sliding. He’s a bit young pa, maybe when he’s a bit older.

CHILD: Php 200 / 1 hour or Php 400 / 3 hours
Php 100 will be charged for every 30 minute extension
PARENT/GUARDIAN: FREE one guardian per one child. Php 100 per extra guardian.
Children below 1 year old are free of charge
Kidzoona is open to children 12 years old and below.
Don’t forget to bring your socks!

Here’s the cutest kids of IG Philippines!


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