Little Martians

I go to Trinoma only almost once a year. It’s where I meet up with my friends, Karla and Jeff with kids Jaffie and Bella every time they come here in the country for Christmas. This year, we also have Karen and son, Isaac joining us. Active kids in tow, meaning we have to bring them to some place where they can run and play.

So before we left Pizza Hut were we had lunch, I googled a possible play place where we can head after, since we are not really familiar with Trinoma. I found Little Martians in another mommy blog, so together with the excited kids, we headed to the top floor of Trinoma.

As the name suggests, Little Martians is an outer space themed play place.

I was surprised to see that it just have a small space beside one of the cinemas. It looked big from the pictures of the mommy blogger (sorry I forgot who she was). By the entrance, you will be welcomed by the “computer and ipad area” and the stairs where you can climb to go up the bigger slide. Also in that area is a TV where a play station (or was it an X-Box or Wii) that is connected. At the other side, is the smaller slide and a small rock climbing, is a small room that looked like a rocket. Inside are space themed toys – Star Wars, Toy Story, etc. If you climb up that room, you can have a ball gun fight with the other kids. At the other side of the area, is a clothes rack with space related costumes.

What I liked about Little Martians is that they have a different theme among all the other play areas around the metro. Here, the kids can role play on being an astronaut or space rangers or even as aliens, which is quite rare. I like the toys as well.

What I didn’t like is that, the place is kind of small, so the nice slides weren’t maximized. The attendants are friendly as well. And lastly, what I hated (yes, strong word) is the computers and tablets that are available for play.

I bring my child to play dates in play areas such as this to enhance their social skills, as well as to play around, run around, mingle with other children. But since there are Ipads and Computers, I noticed the kids were just stucked in that area playing and didn’t even play with other kids. I hate kids playing with those while around other kids, that instead of playing with them, they just ignore. Yes, I get that this is a space themed, but they could have just omitted that portion and think of other ways to entertain kids in another way.

But all in all, since my 21 month old, isn’t really interested with those stuff now, he did enjoy playing, especially sliding, head first!

On weekdays, rate is P160 per hour and P300 for unlimited playtime.
Little Martians
4/F Cinema Level
Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
{near Cinema 7}
Rates: Php 160/hour | Php 300 for unlimited playtime
Don’t forget to wear socks!

‘Twas a fun afternoon with my girls for more than a decade, we used to just eat out and talk, a decade later, here we are in a place area with our kids. How time flies, hope you visit Manila again soon! I love you all!


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