The Pearl Farm Experience

Our van picked us up at 7AM and we were at the Marina Jetty Wharf before 8AM.

I love how organize they are with accommodating their guests.

We boarded the 8:10 AM boat going to the resort itself, around 50 minutes travel time.

Upon arrival at the Pearl Farm‘s famous Parola, we were welcomed by their staff with a glass of juice for each of us (I was even able to drink 2 glasses haha).

They also introduced the place, showed us the spots to go to within their area and even gave snorkeling passes to 3 lucky guests!

It is still too early to check in and the rooms are still occupied, and our van pick up for the Samal Inland tour is already waiting for us, we just left our bags at the baggage counter and dressed up for our tour (which is another story, click here).

Once we got back to the resort, our rooms were already ready. Our bags are already in one of our rooms as well. We stayed at the 5 hilltops rooms – Balay 15, 16, 2, 3 and 4.

After we settled, we went to the gorgeous infinity pool for a dip.

A few hours after, we went to the Maranao Restaurant for dinner. Some had the buffet for 900+ but most of us opted to share a meal since the serving is too many for one.

Jhe and I ordered pork tenderloin for P250 while we also shared the 4-cheese pizza with another pair (Aimee and Bry). Including our fruit shakes, all in all Jhe and I spent 600php for our dinner.

We went back to our rooms to rest and freshen up and went to Balay 2 where there’s a receiving area where our group can bond and drink. Ssssshhh… from our tour’s stopover, we were able to purchase liquor and we sneaked it inside the resort so we wouldn’t need to pay for corkage. hihihihi.

We all had a good night sleep that night since it was so cold, the aircon plus a little rain outside.

And woke up early for the buffet breakfast with all kinds of food your can think of! Rice, Pinoy breakfast food, cereals, fruit juice, omelet etc etc

Since we are catching the 10AM boat back to the Marina Jetty Wharf, we prepared early for check out.

Of course, a few photo op before leaving this island paradise.

Once we got back, our van picked us up. We had a few stop over at Crocodile Park for the CD of the Rafting pics, our last Sweet Scoop ice cream and also in another fruit stand for last minute suha purchases.

And then drove us to the airport, we were quite early so we were able to eat lunch and have our photo op at the giant Durian.

So before I was even able to go inside the airport and check in, we had a small problem with our van rental. They were asking us to pay for the airport drop off when as far as I know, since I was the one who arranged this with the travel agency, we are already paid with everything. So I called our travel agent and she told me that we have to pay the van rental because we haven’t paid for it. I was already furious especially when she told me that Pearl Farm was supposed to be the one to bring us to the airport and that we paid for it. As far as I remember with our chats, travel agent told me that Pearl Farm only has the boat transfer and that’s why she arranged for the van transfer to and from the hotel to the Wharf. I was so pissed because right from the start, ang gulo na niya kausap, especially with the rates, mali mali palagi. And even if si Pearl Farm ang maghahatid nga sa amin sa airport, she should have specifically told us right? That’s her job. She should be detailed. Pearl Farm didn’t also inform us of the said airport transfer. But Pearl Farm asked us we we are going to hire them for airport transfer. That is why I don’t know who’s fault really is this. Was it the travel agent or Pearl Farm? Travel Agent didn’t even give me Pearl Farm voucher. As for the van rental, we paid them. And for our balance with the travel agency, forget it!!!! tsk.

Back to Davao – everything went great except for the above story. No problems with Greenwindow, Pearl Farm, ANB Tours and Asaldo Rental. Thank you very much for accommodating us! 🙂 The travel agency? I’m sorry despite the fact that we were able to get a good rate for Pearl Farm, I’m sorry. You’re customer service is a failure.



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