Signing Off at Harte-Hanks Manila

Honestly speaking, all along, I knew that I wouldn’t stay in this job forever. I know that there’s no career growth in this job.

But I still took it. Even if my mommy doesn’t approve of it, of my schedule, of the location of my work and of the industry I’m in.

I came here to experience, to learn, to explore, to discover, to develop, to interact and to make friends.

My responsibilities aren’t that hard. It could be stressful at times, but I can handle. I actually enjoyed what I’m doing. I enjoy the company of my co-FDA’s.

But there will always be a time limit for everything. I think my work at HH is finish. Too soon, yes. I didn’t even reach a year. There will just be moments when you just need to move on and accept the fact that your life should move on, even if there is this smallest part of you that you still want to stay.

I bid goodbye to my 2nd home for 10 months – so many things happened in just a short time. Too many memories of fun, laughter, and even hatred shared.

I’ll definitely miss our front desk that will be gone in a few weeks time, the wifi that kept me going through my shift, the beloved outlook calendar for bookings, Friday treats, application forms, irate past employees inquiring about their final pay, suppliers following up their checks, free food, food trip, our very makulit security buddies, pantry food from eloquento esp their pasta and swift esp their soup of the day, fried siomai and kwek kwek, free coffee, documents for routing, releasing checks, transferring calls, “thank you for calling Harte-Hanks, this is Margx“, mall food such as KFC chicken steak, Mcdo, Food Choice stalls, Potdogs, Kerimma (fries and stuff), Happy Leaf/Jelly G Milk Tea and the list goes on.. But I’ll surely miss my girls the most. 🙂

Here are pictures from my last day:

Signing off..


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